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Yellow Birthday Cake

My sister doesn’t like cake. She likes the frosting, but not the cake. She says they are flavorless. That they don’t have any taste. My sister doesn’t eat cake if it doesn’t taste wonderful.

Since learning of my sister’s sentiments, I did some observing the next few times I had cake and decided I agree with my sister. Rather than stop eating cake, I decided to find delicious cakes to bake.  I warn you, if you also decide to do this, you will never be happy with box cakes again.

Since my family was all together recently, I made a cake to celebrate. I thought I would test out a yellow cake. Yellow cakes are  difficult to master and make consistently. Some are just too sweet. And others go the way of corn bread. The recipe I found was the perfect balance between the two. This cake can hold its own in the flavor department. 

I’m no stranger to making frosting. Though I am changing my mindset about their role involving cake. I used to think of them as a way to add flavor to cake. Now I feel that frosting should be paired with cake they way wine and food is paired. The two should enhance each other’s flavors. This frosting is just sweet enough to not overpower the cake’s flavor.

You may have noticed that my layers are slightly different sizes. This is due to my using spring-form pans rather than cake pans. Since I was travelling, I was using my mum’s kitchen. For some reason, she doesn’t own round cake pans, but does own multiple sizes of spring-form pans. I am quite impressed with how well the cakes baked in them. Removing the cake was quite easy since the pan sides and bottom separate.

Since Deb Perelman from smitten kitchen does such an amazing job sharing her recipes, I don’t feel the need to spend time retyping her creations. I do highly recommend that you follow the links and make this wonderful cake and frosting. On the cake post, she shares a frosting recipe made with sour cream. I really want to give it a go, but haven’t had the opportunity just yet. Soon though!

And my sister who doesn’t like cake. She ate 3 pieces of cake!

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