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Paper Flower Wreath

For our wedding nearly 2 years ago, I created many, many things. This includes the flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres. We also created a flower covered stand to place one of our cakes on to make it higher than the other cakes.


Photo Credit: Holden Memories

Since the stand wasn’t of any use for me after the wedding, I decided to reuse the paper flowers to make a wreath. I had picked up the styrofoam wreath not long after the wedding. The ribbon was left over from making my bouquets.


I started by removing the flowers from the stand and straightening the wires. I then trimmed the wires so they wouldn’t poke all the way through the foam.

I then stuck the flowers into the styrofoam wreath using the 12, 6, 9, 3 pattern. I then filled in between the flowers.


To finish the wreath, I wrapped the ivory ribbon around the exposed styrofoam. As I wrapped the ribbon, I pulled up the flowers and re-stabbed them through the ribbon.

The wreath is now hanging on our mantle with a few of our other wedding mementos.


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Blooming Eyes!

I came across a marvelous tutorial for a Halloween wreath that I just had to make. Jen over at Epbot shared it at the end of September. I managed to procure the supplies and make it the same day. This project didn’t lie around for a year (like my Halloween pillow fabric)!


The most fun was gluing the eyeballs into the flowers. They really kinda creep me out. I used E6000 to secure the plastic eyes into the flowers. As well as glue the skeleton into the wreath. The skeleton took a little time to get just right. I would glue and he would wiggle and move and I’d need more glue. Finally, he settled into the nooks of the grapevine wreath and I was able to get the glue to hold him securely.

To attach the flowers to the wreath, I used wire cutters to trim the stems from the flower bundle. Then I bent the stem so the flower faced out. The stem then got wedged into the wreath. The black flowers and beads had little glittery spiders included in the bunches, so I added those to the wreath as well.











Jen has a marvelous tutorial on how she created the  wreath. I didn’t think to take photos of the process, so I highly recommend checking out her post if you want to make your own.




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