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Frolicking Skirt

This is another of my Phoenix fabric finds. I immediately fell in love with this fabric. The colours are wonderful and the dancing-girls along the bottom make me smile. I knew immediately which skirt I wanted to make with the fabric. I love when fabric and pattern inspiration hit simultaneously.


Sew What Club had just begun and one of the bonus patterns was the taking notes skirt. I had been in love with the skirt for some time and was excited to finally make the skirt. The skirt was fairly simple to make. I only used the pattern pieces for the waistband. The skirt itself is a rectangle, so I just used my own dimensions.

I had added a little extra length to the waistband because according to the pattern directions, I needed a little more length. In the end, I ended up not needing the extra length. Rather than pull out all of the seams, I folded the excess into extra pleats under the zipper. The skirt has a cute little kick pleat of sorts.


I will admit I’m not completely happy with the skirt. The waistband fits funny. No matter where I adjusted the skirt to rest, the waistband would just stand around my torso leaving a gap between me and the skirt.  Though I think that has to do more with my measurements than the pattern. I don’t think this skirt works well with those that don’t have flat stomachs (I guess that’s my motivation to work on my abs a bit). Since I couldn’t get the fit just right, I didn’t go back to add the ties. I compromised on the fit by folding down the waistband to expose my awesome lime green lining.


I have plenty of this fabric left. I will probably attempt another skirt in the near future. As soon as I decide which one.

The top modeled is a button down top that I altered to be sleeveless. I removed the collar. I also added tuxedo pleats down the front.

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Sweet Birthday Skirts

My first sewing project for the year was a duo of simple skirts for a birthday gift. I think this may be my go to present for little girls’ birthday presents. The skirts are simple and straightforward to make. Only a seam or two, a hem, and a waistband. The best part being that you can customise the skirt to fit their personality. With a little adjustment, you can make nearly any size.

For these adorable two-year-old size skirts, I used 15-inches of 45-inch wide fabric, 3/4-inch elastic, and ribbon for embellishment. There are a number of tutorials available on how to make this skirt. I didn’t follow one specifically, but I found this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! to be the easiest to follow. To help with making the skirt the correct, I relied on The Children’s Place size chart reference page. I have found this page to be very helpful in making children’s sized clothing. Though, I did make the skirt a bit longer than recommended.

Despite owning a serger, I like to go a little old school when making hems and waistbands. I will first fold and iron a scant 1/4-inch along the edges before making the fold for the actual hem. I much prefer the clean look it leaves rather than a serged edge. For the waistband, I did the same and added a second row of stitching. Partially for security mostly for decoration.

The black corduroy skirt is simple with just a little extra stitching around the hem, same as the waistband. I couldn’t forget the finishing touch of my little label.


The brown stripey skirt needed a little more pizzazz. Thankfully, I have a ready supply of ribbon and this lime green was perfect for the task at hand.  Roughly an inch above the hem line stitching, I stitched on the ribbon. To keep the ribbon lying flat, I stitched the top and bottom of the ribbon.


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Diagonal Maxi Skirt

I haven’t always enjoyed wearing skirts. In school, I was required to wear a uniform that until the year after I graduated, meant skirts only for girls. It wasn’t until nearly the end of my college days that I started adding skirt back into my wardrobe. As it is now, I find I am more comfortable in a skirt or dress than pants of any type.

A skirt can change my perception of who I am. I can pull on a denim mini skirt and feel young and carefree. A knee-length patterned skirt gives me a flirty feeling. When I slip into a pencil or straight skirt, I am ready to be serious (I don’t wear those often)! Even changing the fabric can change the mood of a skirt.

This skirt is just plain fun! The changing directions of the stripes provides the fun attitude. While the use of jersey knit makes it comfortable to wear all day. I found the pattern and directions over at Pretty Ditty. She provides a nice little printable to follow in making the pattern.

To cut out my pieces, I cut out the little pieces from the printable. I used the little pieces to make sure I got the angles correct on each piece. I used the measurements given to make the pieces the correct sizes. I used a meter stick and chalk to mark out my pieces. As for sizing. I am currently about a size 12. I added a couple of inches, but then had to take the skirt in back to the pattern measurements.

The fabric I used was in a big tube, so I had to be a little bit creative when it came down to the bottom of the skirt. I did my best to complete the skirt using the striped fabric, but didn’t quite make it. I wore it with the uneven seam a few times, but didn’t exactly like how it looked.

To finish off the bottom of the skirt, I picked up a bit of white knit fabric. I couldn’t find a blue to match. Rather than trying to piece together the white to fit into what I had already done, I lopped off the bottom bit, making and even, angled edge. I cut the white to match the edge and sewed it in. I also used my serger to finish the edge of the skirt.

I will make this skirt again, it is quite comfortable to wear. Though next time I’d like to make it a bit longer.

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