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Sweet Birthday Skirts

My first sewing project for the year was a duo of simple skirts for a birthday gift. I think this may be my go to present for little girls’ birthday presents. The skirts are simple and straightforward to make. Only a seam or two, a hem, and a waistband. The best part being that you can customise the skirt to fit their personality. With a little adjustment, you can make nearly any size.

For these adorable two-year-old size skirts, I used 15-inches of 45-inch wide fabric, 3/4-inch elastic, and ribbon for embellishment. There are a number of tutorials available on how to make this skirt. I didn’t follow one specifically, but I found this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! to be the easiest to follow. To help with making the skirt the correct, I relied on The Children’s Place size chart reference page. I have found this page to be very helpful in making children’s sized clothing. Though, I did make the skirt a bit longer than recommended.

Despite owning a serger, I like to go a little old school when making hems and waistbands. I will first fold and iron a scant 1/4-inch along the edges before making the fold for the actual hem. I much prefer the clean look it leaves rather than a serged edge. For the waistband, I did the same and added a second row of stitching. Partially for security mostly for decoration.

The black corduroy skirt is simple with just a little extra stitching around the hem, same as the waistband. I couldn’t forget the finishing touch of my little label.


The brown stripey skirt needed a little more pizzazz. Thankfully, I have a ready supply of ribbon and this lime green was perfect for the task at hand.  Roughly an inch above the hem line stitching, I stitched on the ribbon. To keep the ribbon lying flat, I stitched the top and bottom of the ribbon.


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