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The Mighty Mess!

I don’t really know how this mess began, I’m sure it was just a matter of running out of time. As always, I continue working on projects straight up till the very last-minute. Then all of a sudden, school was starting. Instead of making a little time to put my unfinished projects away, I thought I might just find time to sneak in a bit of crafting between planning and grading and having a life! What was I thinking?! So the unfinished, un-put-away projects just sat.

While these projects were just sitting, I discovered more projects and found new supplies. These new supplies were piled on top of the already not-put-away projects. Because, you see, deep down I’m a crafting girl and if I can’t be crafting, I’ll be shopping. So I add more supplies to the already full cupboards and boxes and drawers until the day comes when I begin crafting again.

In a perfect world, I would keep my room clean and organised, much like Martha Stewart and other crafting goddesses, so on the off-chance I get to sit down to sew, the room is all ready for me. Alas, I instead spend my time either avoiding the room (who wants to clean when fun is to be had elsewhere?) or cleaning (bleh!).

This is how I find myself with a sewing/crafting room in such a terrible state. I have spent some time organising the room, but it still needs work. Maybe I’ll find time during the last few days of break! Or maybe I’ll just keep ignoring it until summer!

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