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My resolutions are house based this year. We have been in the house nearly three years now and we’ve been putting off little projects to make this place a home for long enough.

This year I’d like to:

Paint the remaining rooms in the house. This includes the third bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

I don’t know if the kitchen will get finished because we’d really like to remodel it and we haven’t saved the money to tackle that project yet.

Decorate the walls with photographs and art.


We did start adding photos last year, but we have many more to add!

We also need to:

Add decorations like curtains or drapes. Update decor like throw pillows, lamps, framing photos.


Destash. Sell it, donate it, or trash it!

Of course, I’ll continue to have non-house related projects going on, but my focus this year is making a home. I’m certain I’ll be learning a lot about home decorating that I’ll be passing on to you this year.



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A New Year, A New Attempt

I’ve been mulling thoughts about this topic for a few weeks now. Even now, I am having trouble articulating what exactly this means and how I will be able to show that I am indeed following through on things.

The premise is simple (I think). I have loads of ideas. Ideas for shop inventory, sewing projects, little businesses, baking; I could go on, but I believe you get the idea. My problem is usually the follow-through. There is almost always a point (it’s different for each idea/project) when I stop working on the project. And then it just sits, taking up space in my ever crowded sewing room.

My goal this year is to push myself past the stopping point. I’m going to follow through on ideas and projects. A fair few of these projects will never be seen by anyone but myself and my family. Many are for my little Etsy shop, that I would like to be not so little. A few are further business ideas that I would like to see where they would go.

I realise I am being vague about what specifically I will be doing. Partly because I’m not certain of what I will choose to follow through on. I do plan on giving updates throughout the year. Some of these projects will be quick. Some may take a few months. A handful won’t be complete this year, but I want to make progress on them.

Some proof of follow-through will be in the form of blog posts about projects. You should start to see more items in my Etsy shop (rather than the lousy 2). This project is a work in progress. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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Ruminations on Resolutions

In 2013, I didn’t make resolutions. Instead, I made goals. I’m sure you are thinking what is the difference. That really depends on your perspective. In my mind, resolutions are things you would like to do sometime this year. A goal is a set plan with a final outcome. I created a list of goals with defined parameters so I would know that I accomplished them.

I know I didn’t accomplish them. In fact, I believe I only fully accomplished one goal. I made it really close to completing all but one. I even managed to keep a fairly good running tally of what I did to accomplish the goals for much of the year (ok, until April!). Let’s review the goals.

1. Use an entire box of baking soda and can of baking powder.

I came fairly close to meeting this goal. Both containers are about half empty. Had I bought smaller containers, they would have been empty. I have learned loads about making baked goods this year. If anyone wants to provide support, I will gladly open a bakery and spend every day baking my little heart out!

2. Use an entire jar of yeast.

I didn’t spend nearly enough time practicing bread baking this year. First off, it wasn’t nearly as popular to take to the office as cupcakes and cookies. Second, I slowly cut out carbs as the year progressed. Bread was one of the first to go since we rarely ate it anyway. I fully plan on making and selling bread in the bakery someone is going to support for me to open!




3. I want to try a new recipe every week.

We tried loads of new recipes this year. As we do every year. I don’t know that we tried at least one every week. Some weeks we would test out 3-4 and others we ate take-out all week. This is something we will continue throughout the coming years since we both enjoy cooking and testing out new foods.

4. Complete one project a month during the school year. And one a week during the summer months.

I admit to being liberal in my definition of projects. I often included projects I did for my classroom as long as it included glue or scissors. Once summer hit though, I was doing a project or two a day. The house looked as if a craft store exploded inside! I think the only way for me to have completed more projects would to have not blogged about any of them. I still have many backlogged to write about.

5. Dragging my boyfriend to various tourist destinations around central Florida.

This is the one goal I know that failed miserably. I’m not saying we didn’t do anything all year. We just didn’t do specifically touristy things. We found ourselves at craft shows, BBQ cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, and many other activities that residents would do rather than tourists.

I fear I’ve bored you with enough ruminations about my goals for 2013. We had a marvelous year. I’m sharing highlights next. We are both very excited to see what 2014 has in store for us. I’ll also be sharing my goal for the year.

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Resolution Report

It’s the beginning of February, around the time New Year’s Resolutions begin to fall by they wayside. We don’t intend to abandon them, it happens slowly. We skip a day here. We put it off until tomorrow. We get busy with what was already routine. In many cases, we just bit off more than we could chew. Maybe we need to slow down and pick just one resolution to focus on in February. Or maybe, you are rocking those resolutions! You’ve got it handled. You’ve made it those 30 days and now they are new habits. I applaud you and am a little bit jealous.

For the most part, I am happy with the progress I have made on my goals for the year. (You can check up on my progress under my goals tab.) I only missed one week with a new recipe. Oooh! That was a week at school! It took 12 hours of sleep Friday night to recover! I’m a little better now. I plan on making two new recipes this week to make up for it. I’m thankful I have loads of recipes saved everywhere that I can quickly choose from or I’d be scrambling on this resolution.

I am disappointed in my lack of use of baking soda, baking powder, and yeast. I need to find more people to bake for. I just volunteered to make something for a bake fair. Anyone else need stuff for a bake fair? Or a birthday cake (it may not be as awesome as this one, but it will be wonderful)? Maybe you just want homemade cookies. Just let me know!

As for the yeast, I decided that before I continue baking bread, I needed to finish reading the beginning of my new book. It is very insightful. I believe it will help me improve the quality of my bread. Not that the last loaves were bad (maybe a little short). They were quite good, I feel as if I skipped steps in the learning process. Like jumping in and making a full suit before knowing how to sew a straight line. The basics are important. I’m loving what I am learning and kind of hoping the author decides to offer a class near me.

Does this guy not look a little like Darth Vader? I highly recommend checking this one out on Flickr When you look at the largest photo, you can see the individual lights from its core.

I’ve even managed to complete not one, but two sewing projects. They were both fairly simple projects, neither took much over an hour. However, both resulted in two items for a total of 4. And that’s an hour more of sewing I had done since September. I decided not to count the battery bandoliers I made for a customer order. Am I short-changing myself on that?

Ever wonder what your face looks like when you are taking photos? I still do!

Finally, we are being delightful tourists of our local area. If I ever get my behind in motion to prepare weekend posts, you might start seeing what we’ve done. For now, you’ll just have to settle for the list on my goals page and these wonderful photos I took of the jellyfish at the Florida Aquarium a few weeks ago. I love the jelly fish tank, the lights change colors.

Sitting Pretty!


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My Goals for the Year

Resolutions are flying left and right. Usually, I’m right there with everyone making a laundry list of resolutions that I let fall by the wayside after just a couple of weeks. So this year, I am taking a slightly different approach. Let’s get started!

First, I’m going to use an entire box of baking soda and can of baking soda. I will buy these on our next shopping trip. All of our current containers are a year or two passed expiry.


Second, during this same shopping excursion, I am going to pick up a jar of yeast. Not certain what kind just yet, still reading up on that. I would also like to use this entire jar this year. Though, I may have to use 2 jars as I think yeast is only good for about 6 months at a go.

Third, every week, I want to try a new recipe either from my collection on Pinterest, magazines, or from my recipe collection. This will probably be a weekend thing as we tend to be very busy during the week.

Fourth, yay! Some sewing goals. I would like to complete one project a month during the school year. And one a week during the summer months. I think I’ll begin with clearing out my cupboards and making a list of projects.


Fifth, and finally, I’m going to be dragging my boyfriend to various tourist destinations around central Florida. This will also include plays, local events, flea markets, and the like. I’m working on a list if anyone has any suggestions! I would also like to visit Prince Edward Island home of Anne of Green Gables and Leaky Con in Portland.


What are your goals/resolutions?

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