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Yeti for my Yeti


I am not cool. Simple things make me laugh. Like really dumb jokes. Like this one:

Q: Why don’t you ever see elephants hiding in trees?
A: They’re very good at it.

I laughed for like five minutes about this joke. I love the jokes on the bazooka gum.


I received a Yeti for my birthday last year.  Before I was allowed to open the present with the cup. I opened a gift that contained a stuffed Yeti. Because I asked for a Yeti. Apparently I needed to be more specific.

I intended to personalise it immediately, but was at a loss for which design to use. I’m not a fan of monograms. I also considered a collage of all my hobbies, but that would have been a lot of work.

During Christmas break, I was watching Rudolph (because I watch all the Christmas movies) and had the best idea ever. My Yeti needed its own Yeti!

Of course, it took me another month to actually commence with the project. My first hurdle, was finding the right Yeti. I spent hours looking through images. I needed a simple version that would translate well into a single colour. I finally found an image that only needed a little editing to be just right.


Conveniently, I have a stash of vinyl from the early days of pickyourplum.com. This stash includes permanent outdoor vinyl in white.

Of course, I have my trusty Silhouette to do the cutting for me. I highly recommend using gridded transfer paper to make sure your design is placed straight.


Now I get to giggle about my Yeti Yeti every day. I love it! I told you I wasn’t cool.


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Decorations Begin

I did my very best not to be a bridezilla. I think I mostly succeeded, though I may have become a wedding craft-zilla. I hadn’t intended on making every last thing that went into the decorating of our wedding, but it happened. I should have known when I decided to make my dress that it would happen.


Once the dress was done, the other details began to fall in place. I had purchased a wooden name thing from Pick Your Plum shortly after we were engaged with the intention of using it somehow in our wedding decorations.  It had the misfortune of arriving damaged. You can see the crack in the bottom of the E. Thankfully, my man was able to fix it, but now I really needed to cover it.

At some point, we decided to use books in our wedding decorations (As you will see soon). Thanks to one of our centerpiece ideas, we had loads of small circles of book page scraps just lying around. I grabbed my bottle of Mod Podge, a foam brush, the name thing, and got to work.

It took ages and ages to paste and fold the little circles over the entire thing. I am very glad to have had the pre-cut circles. The circles folded and molded around the many corners and fit into the crevices quite well. Once the entire piece was covered, I painted on a final layer of Mod Podge to seal the paper. Sorry there aren’t more photos of this process, but it’s a very messy project. Quick Edit: It appears that I didn’t complete this project. I started it and then it was finished by my wonderful Aunt Marilyn.

My first thoughts had been to put this on the wedding party table, but we decided not to have a specific table everyone. We thought everyone would have more fun sitting with their family and friends. Instead, we used this on the table in the entryway.

On display at the wedding. Photo credit: Candi Holden holdenmemories.com

We have plans of adding a base to make it a little more sturdy since it did break again on the way home from the wedding. It is currently on our mantel in the living room.

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Luck for the Front Door

Like many, I’m addicted to purchasing craft supplies from Pick Your Plum. I enjoy the excitement of the entire process. Sometimes, I get something and then it sits for a few months (or in this case, a year or more). Since I am working on following through with projects and ideas this year, I am getting better at not buying supplies I don’t need and rather using supplies I already have.

This could be a tutorial if you can find all of these supplies. It may be possible. I’ve honestly not looked around. I bought the wooden pieces from pickyourplum.com a year or so ago. I found the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. I always have a jar or two of Modge Podge on hand. You never know when you are going to need some.


I started by attaching the first fabric to the background board with Modge Podge. I painted the glue with a foam brush (I keep a large supplies of those on hand as well). To attach the fabric, I carefully smoothed it over the painted board. I did my best not to stretch the fabric, but just smooth it over the top of the board. I then painted the edges and smoothed the fabric around the edges and then to the back.

While that dried, I glued the second fabric to the clover. I did this slightly differently (if my fingers hadn’t been a sticky mess, there would be photos of this). I first cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the clover. Then spread the glue over the clover. Next, I smoothed the fabric over then glue. To finish, I used small scissors to trim around the edges of the clover. 

I painted a coat of Modge Podge over all pieces to seal the fabric and wood. I may even add a layer of spray sealer when I take it down, just to add a little more protection from the humidity here.

Before assembling the layers, I had my fiance drill holes in the top corners. I used 4 finishing nails to secure the 3 layers of wood together. To finish, I tied green ribbon through the prepared holes and knotted the ends.


Our bright blue door came with a nail. It’s even painted the same colour!

Make It and Love It

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I now Pronounce…

We recently attended a wedding for a very dear couple. It was a small, private event, and we were delighted to be included. Due to the smallness of the occasion, there wasn’t a registry, but we wanted to give a gift. This allowed me to create a gift that would be special to the couple. It took me a few days to narrow down my final project. I needed to find something that would travel, my original idea of kitchen knives didn’t make it! Inspiration hit while I was wandering around Target looking for a card and other ideas. I saw the pyjamas and thought personalised boxers! Having just completed the Farkle tray for my mum, I knew the iron-on vinyl would be perfect.

I knew I had red vinyl at home, so I found what I thought were black and white checked boxers (to go with the wedding theme); turns out they were navy, don’t tell anyone! Follow along for a quick tutorial on how to create your own.

Items Needed:

  • 2 pairs of cotton boxers in the proper sizes ( I used a med and XL)
  • Heat Transfer (Iron -on) Vinyl ( I bought mine from Pick Your Plum)
  • Iron
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Silhouette Studio


First, open up your Silhouette software (or whatever program you use). Create a new document the size of your heat transfer vinyl. My sheet was 8″x11″. Choose the Pacifico font.

Second: Measure your boxer shorts to find how much space you have to place your cut-outs. I had a pair of medium and x-large shorts. Using the medium’s measurements, I made my cut-outs 4 inches high and just over 6 inches wide. The Mr. was a little bit wider.

Third: Using the text tool, type Mr. onto your file. Select the typing so it is adjustable. Click on the Modify button and weld the letters together. Resize the text to the desired size. Select the replicate button and choose mirror left. Delete the first Mr. and position the mirrored image so it ready to cut. Repeat these steps to create a Mrs. image.

Fourth: Place your transfer vinyl on your cutting mat so the vinyl side is up and the plastic backing is stuck to the mat. I always use a slow cutting setting; usually 2 or 3. And for this project, I set the blade to 4; you only want to cut the vinyl and not the plastic backing. Once cut, weed the design, making certain to get the center of the s. Cut the plastic so the Mr. and Mrs. are separated.

Fifth: Heat up your iron to the cotton setting. I gave mine about 5 minutes to heat up. Take a few minutes to press the boxers, you don’t want to accidentally iron over a fold.

Sixth: Position the cut-out on the shorts where you want them to be ironed on. I placed mine about an inch and a half above the hem and had the end about 4 inches from the side seam. I wanted the image visible on the front of the leg, not on the side, so I didn’t place it right next to the side seam. Now is the time to play around with different locations, once you start to iron, you won’t be able to move it.


Seventh: Let’s Iron! I iron directly on the plastic backing. I found that even a piece of muslin stopped too much heat. I keep the iron moving. After about 30 seconds, I do a quick test by pulling up a corner of the plastic. The vinyl should stick to the fabric. Continue ironing until the plastic comes up with ease. (I did find that you can go back later, just hang on to the plastic backing.)

You now have an awesome pair of Mr. & Mrs. boxers!



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Farkle Tray a Tutorial

When visiting my parents back in May, I was subjected to many games of Farkle. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it is a dice game played with 6 dice. The person to 10,000 points first, wins. (Go here for further details.) It is the only game I’ve ever seen my dad enjoy and play on a regular basis. While playing, my mum has a habit of saying “That’s almost doubles!” after everyone’s first roll. This became the inspiration for this project.  The second part of my inspiration came from my parents using a dish towel to dull the noise of the dice as they hit the table. I thought I would surprise them with a tray to play on.

The most difficult part of this project was finding the right tray. I wanted to find an unfinished wood tray with straight sides and a flat bottom. I checked a couple local craft stores, but didn’t really find anything. I finally found just the right tray at my friend Melissa’s shop Deja Vu Treasures when I went to visit.

Farkle (Game) Tray Tutorial

Items needed:

  • Wooden Tray
  • Paint (I used plum acrylic paint from JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used apple green)
  • Iron
  • Duck Cloth (I used unbleached)
  • Low Loft Batting
  • Spray Adhesive


I started by sanding the tray. The one I found was painted blue, so I needed to sand off as much paint as possible.

Paint the tray. I used a foam brush and applied 3 coats. You could finish with a sealer, but I forgot until it was too late.

Create a design using your Silhouette software with your quote or chosen design. You could also use pre-cut iron-on letters or draw your design by hand. Using your Silhouette, cut out your quote. Remember to mirror your image or you will be ironing everything on in reverse. Weed around your design. Make certain to get out the centers of all the letters. Anything left, will be ironed on to your fabric.

If you haven’t already, make sure to iron your fabric flat and trim to the exact size you need. My tray was 18×13, so I cut my fabric 22×17 so I could fold the edges over. Place your design on the fabric. This is the time to make any adjustments. Once it’s ironed on, it’s not going anywhere! Set your iron to the cotton setting. Since my vinyl had a plastic backing, I used that as a buffer between the vinyl and the iron. (I did start with a piece of cotton fabric, but the vinyl wasn’t sticking.) I started by ironing the center piece down first. The plastic backing on my vinyl overlapped, so I chose to do one piece at a time.

Cut a piece of batting to the size of your tray. Mine was 18×13. Wrap your canvas around the batting. I then hand sewed the flaps down using a slip stitch. You could also use spray adhesive. Set the pad into the tray to make certain it fits properly. Spray the tray with your spray adhesive. Then very carefully set the pad into the tray. Depending on the strength of your adhesive, you may only get one try.

Enjoy your dice game!

A few notes:

I bought my iron-on vinyl from Pick Your Plum, but you can also buy it here.

I used the font Slick Wave, which you can find here.

My mum was also going to add felt pads to the bottom so she didn’t scratch any table tops.

If you would like a copy of my Silhouette file, please e-mail me.

I did add an apostrophe to the word that’s.


Added to Made by you Monday’s List.


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