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Decorations Begin

I did my very best not to be a bridezilla. I think I mostly succeeded, though I may have become a wedding craft-zilla. I hadn’t intended on making every last thing that went into the decorating of our wedding, but it happened. I should have known when I decided to make my dress that it would happen.


Once the dress was done, the other details began to fall in place. I had purchased a wooden name thing from Pick Your Plum shortly after we were engaged with the intention of using it somehow in our wedding decorations.  It had the misfortune of arriving damaged. You can see the crack in the bottom of the E. Thankfully, my man was able to fix it, but now I really needed to cover it.

At some point, we decided to use books in our wedding decorations (As you will see soon). Thanks to one of our centerpiece ideas, we had loads of small circles of book page scraps just lying around. I grabbed my bottle of Mod Podge, a foam brush, the name thing, and got to work.

It took ages and ages to paste and fold the little circles over the entire thing. I am very glad to have had the pre-cut circles. The circles folded and molded around the many corners and fit into the crevices quite well. Once the entire piece was covered, I painted on a final layer of Mod Podge to seal the paper. Sorry there aren’t more photos of this process, but it’s a very messy project. Quick Edit: It appears that I didn’t complete this project. I started it and then it was finished by my wonderful Aunt Marilyn.

My first thoughts had been to put this on the wedding party table, but we decided not to have a specific table everyone. We thought everyone would have more fun sitting with their family and friends. Instead, we used this on the table in the entryway.

On display at the wedding. Photo credit: Candi Holden holdenmemories.com

We have plans of adding a base to make it a little more sturdy since it did break again on the way home from the wedding. It is currently on our mantel in the living room.

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