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Flower Power Maxi

While I haven’t had the opportunity to hit the fabric districts of LA or New York, I’ve discovered a couple of shops in Phoenix that fit the bill. Sadly, I don’t live in Phoenix, so I tend to go a little crazy when I get the opportunity to visit.


I dug this marvelous fabric from one of the many piles of fabrics on my last visit. It’s a crinkly gauzey fabric. It is very lightweight. And quite soft.

It also reminds me of a sheet my mom had while I was growing up. It was ginormous! We used it for making tents in our bedrooms. I swear, our tent creations would put any Harry Potter tent to shame.

It took some time to find the perfect pattern for the fabric. I choose the fabric with some idea in mind and then change my plan about 800 times before making the final decision. For this particular fabric, I used Simplicity pattern 1800. It is one of their Amazing Fit patterns. This means, there are alternate pattern pieces to use based on your measurements. In theory, you shouldn’t have to make a bust adjustment, they already have. Since I conveniently fall into the average category, I don’t know how well that theory works.

My one alteration to the pattern was to change the straps from a halter that tied behind the neck to straps that crossed in the back.


I think the best part of the dress are the pockets. I firmly believe all dresses should have pockets.


Despite the dark colours of the fabric, it is quite thin and nearly see through. I decided to add a lining skirt for a bit of modesty. My initial plan was a navy lining, but could not find a suitable navy fabric. I went with white instead. Which I think turned out for the better since a navy lining would have shown through the white flowers.


I have already had the opportunity to wear this dress a few times. Despite its length, the dress is cool to wear in the oppressive summer heat of Florida. Yet, it also manages to keep me warm in the arctic of movie theaters.


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Diagonal Maxi Skirt

I haven’t always enjoyed wearing skirts. In school, I was required to wear a uniform that until the year after I graduated, meant skirts only for girls. It wasn’t until nearly the end of my college days that I started adding skirt back into my wardrobe. As it is now, I find I am more comfortable in a skirt or dress than pants of any type.

A skirt can change my perception of who I am. I can pull on a denim mini skirt and feel young and carefree. A knee-length patterned skirt gives me a flirty feeling. When I slip into a pencil or straight skirt, I am ready to be serious (I don’t wear those often)! Even changing the fabric can change the mood of a skirt.

This skirt is just plain fun! The changing directions of the stripes provides the fun attitude. While the use of jersey knit makes it comfortable to wear all day. I found the pattern and directions over at Pretty Ditty. She provides a nice little printable to follow in making the pattern.

To cut out my pieces, I cut out the little pieces from the printable. I used the little pieces to make sure I got the angles correct on each piece. I used the measurements given to make the pieces the correct sizes. I used a meter stick and chalk to mark out my pieces. As for sizing. I am currently about a size 12. I added a couple of inches, but then had to take the skirt in back to the pattern measurements.

The fabric I used was in a big tube, so I had to be a little bit creative when it came down to the bottom of the skirt. I did my best to complete the skirt using the striped fabric, but didn’t quite make it. I wore it with the uneven seam a few times, but didn’t exactly like how it looked.

To finish off the bottom of the skirt, I picked up a bit of white knit fabric. I couldn’t find a blue to match. Rather than trying to piece together the white to fit into what I had already done, I lopped off the bottom bit, making and even, angled edge. I cut the white to match the edge and sewed it in. I also used my serger to finish the edge of the skirt.

I will make this skirt again, it is quite comfortable to wear. Though next time I’d like to make it a bit longer.

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