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Hawaiian Print Sundress

I have fallen in love with Vogue patterns. It’s true! The instructions include details such as understitching and topstitching. The garments you can make have more details such as pleats and tucks. Not that you can’t add those when using other brands, but with Vogue patterns, you don’t have to remember or alter the pattern to add them, they are already there. This also adds sewing time to projects, but I believe it is well worth the extra effort.

Take for example my recent new dress. I used this pink Hawaiian print fabric I picked up in Phoenix (I must remember to share that fabric shopping trip). I used Vogue Pattern 1174. I love the extra detailing of the bodice and the fact that it has pockets! I don’t understand why more dresses don’t have pockets. They are very useful.

Making the bodice was the best part. I started with 16 pieces not including the lining and foundation. That’s right three layers went in to making this bodice. The directions were straightforward and I proceeded with few problems. I did rediscover my need for a dressmaker’s ham. Pressing the seams would have been loads easier. The only change I made to the bodice was that I left out the boning (I wish I hadn’t).


I had intended to include the boning. I knew I had some somewhere, but I couldn’t locate it. I looked everywhere, or at least I thought I did! I wanted to take the dress on vacation the next day and the shop was already closed so I went ahead without the boning. The bodice looks great; though a little flat. I think the boning would give it a bit of dimension. Oh! I did find the boning with the start of my next project. It was hiding with my zippers.

The skirt of the dress also got some changes. I left in the pockets! I didn’t line the skirt. The fabric was heavy enough to be on its own. It’s also really hot here, so the less layers the better. I have also discovered that depending on where the bodice ends, I look better with a gathered skirt rather than a pleated skirt. After trying on the dress with the pleats in the skirt, I started over and made it a gathered skirt instead. Doing so made all the difference!


I am excited how well this dress turned out! It fits comfortably. Though it feels a little fancy to wear for everyday reasons, I’m not going to let that stop me! I don’t want to leave this dress hanging in my closet! It deserves to be worn so everyone can see it!

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