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Magical Water Bottle

Sometimes, I have a difficult time choosing a gift for my friends and family. I want the gift to feel special and thoughtful. I know I could give a gift card, but that feels impersonal.


This particular gift managed to combine my friend’s love of Harry Potter and her determination to be healthier. A person like that needs a magical water bottle.


The hardest part of this search was finding an appropriate bottle. Her daily goal is to drink a gallon of water, so I needed a container that held a gallon of water. I also wanted it to be good quality and lightweight. With daily use, it was going to get bumped around. Water itself is heavy, I didn’t want the bottle to be a hindrance.


I finally stumbled across the perfect bottle on Amazon. It looks like a miniature version of the water cooler jugs. And it has a handle.


To make it magical, I used my Silhouette and some permanent vinyl. I love my Silhouette and really do believe it is magical. It has made many projects so much easier. I had the permanent vinyl hanging around from back when Pick Your Plum still sold craft supplies.


I made the design using a Harry Potter font I found online. For those that don’t know, Aguamenti is the spell to fill a container with water.


After cutting, I used transfer paper to help get the placement just right on the bottle. Transfer paper is a life saver when it comes to positioning vinyl. Transfer paper is essentially a giant sticker to help you position stickers. My version has a one inch grid that helps keep the design straight. After weeding your design, you place the transfer paper over the design. You then pull the backing of your vinyl off, leaving the sticky part exposed but still in the correct position. Using the grid to keep things straight, stick everything into its final place. Slowly peel back the transfer paper leaving the vinyl in place.



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Restocked the Shop!

I’m excited to announce that I have restocked the shop. Many of the items have been in the shop before, but I have a few new items that I’d like to share with you today.

The Measuring Tape Earrings are my favourite. I bought a similar pair about a year ago and after only a few occasions of wearing them, they started to fall apart. I decided to improve the design. Rather than use grommets to secure the loop of the measuring tape, I found a ribbon clasp to pinch the top shut. This also hides the cut edge of the vinyl measuring tape. I have been wearing a pair for 3 months now and they are going strong.

Since my shop is full of many Harry Potter characters, I have found myself with quite a collection of LEGO® brooms. Just putting a jump ring through the top didn’t give the right feeling to the piece. I decided to try a little wrapped wire. I am pleased with the look. To ease any concerns of your brooms flying away without you, the wire does go through the broom handle.

The third new item is a bit of a custom LEGO® creation. I have created The Stig! There is an official LEGO® Stig minifig, but they are very rare. I searched for just the right white pieces to assemble this little guy. For those of you who don’t know, The Stig is the tame racing driver from the very popular British show Top Gear.

I plan on having more new items in the shop over the summer, please keep checking back.

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