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Follow-Through in February

I realised about half-way through January that I should be keeping a log of items I consider belong on my follow-through success stories. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I’m not here to talk about the failures, this is a success update (at least the ones I remember!)

I have been working my way through my Reminders to Read board on Pinterest. I have gathered quite a collection of titles and would like to read through as many as possible this year. In January, I read nearly 3000 pages or 5 books. I also spent a week at home with no voice to make that possible. I’ve continued reading throughout February, though with a slightly lower page count. I’ve still read 4 books. I am also logging them on Goodreads to help me keep track of what I have read.

My frenzied reading spawned an idea for a reading challenge with my students. Which is my second follow-through for the month. As groups, my students were challenged to out-read me. There were about 4 students in each group. This month was so successful, that we will be doing it again in March! As soon as I know who won, I’ll update the post.

In January, I committed to staying at school until roughly 4:30. This gives me about 90 minutes of time to grade papers and prepare things for the next day. Leaving at this time still gets me home with time to do stuff around the house before my fiance arrives home from work. I have enjoyed not taking work home (it still happens a couple of times a week). Until this week, I have been doing quite well at it. I plan to get back into the habit again on Monday.

Since I am bringing home much less work, I am finding time to complete little projects around the house. I’ve been able to take time to unpack, repack, paint, and move back into my sewing room. It isn’t quite finished yet, but I can use it now. I am now able to walk into the room after work and sit down to a project without spending 30-40 minutes just looking for the supplies I need. A few of those projects will be coming through the blog soon. Which is exciting for me to type since that means that I have extra time!

How is everyone else doing on their resolutions?

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A New Year, A New Attempt

I’ve been mulling thoughts about this topic for a few weeks now. Even now, I am having trouble articulating what exactly this means and how I will be able to show that I am indeed following through on things.

The premise is simple (I think). I have loads of ideas. Ideas for shop inventory, sewing projects, little businesses, baking; I could go on, but I believe you get the idea. My problem is usually the follow-through. There is almost always a point (it’s different for each idea/project) when I stop working on the project. And then it just sits, taking up space in my ever crowded sewing room.

My goal this year is to push myself past the stopping point. I’m going to follow through on ideas and projects. A fair few of these projects will never be seen by anyone but myself and my family. Many are for my little Etsy shop, that I would like to be not so little. A few are further business ideas that I would like to see where they would go.

I realise I am being vague about what specifically I will be doing. Partly because I’m not certain of what I will choose to follow through on. I do plan on giving updates throughout the year. Some of these projects will be quick. Some may take a few months. A handful won’t be complete this year, but I want to make progress on them.

Some proof of follow-through will be in the form of blog posts about projects. You should start to see more items in my Etsy shop (rather than the lousy 2). This project is a work in progress. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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