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Handmade Hair Ties

That title is really more impressive than the actual accomplishment. You see, to make hair ties, you just tie the ends of elastic together. Really, it’s that simple. Mostly. There is the matter of finding the proper elastic. And maybe making sure the ends aren’t going to fray. But for the most part, if you are in a pinch, grab some elastic, tie it in a loop, and wrap it around your hair.

I have really thick, heavy hair. At least people tell me it’s heavy. I’ve been carrying it around for so long I don’t notice that it is heavy. I’m just going to assume that means I also have really strong neck muscles! (Go me!) It also used to be really long  (until I chopped it all off, see here). This means that when I look for hair ties, they have to be super strong and durable. Oh, and cheap!

When I started seeing these handmade hair ties around the crafty world, I was skeptical. There was no way they would work on my hair. It’s waaaayyy tooooo heavy! (This might still be true, but it will take a couple more years before I can test that.) And there is nothing more I can’t stand than when my ponytail is sliding down loose. It’s got to be securely tied in place! For the majority of my life, that meant buying the thickest, strongest-looking hair ties I could find. They weren’t the shiny pink and pretty ones. Nope, I was relegated to using the black, brown, and navy versions.

Then this summer, my friend, Kristen, over at Splendid Play, insisted that I try out these new hair ties she was making for the shop. At this point, my hair was super short, so I thought, of course they will work. And work well they did! For six long months. Almost every day. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a hair tie last six months. Ever!

Of course, after six months, it has worn out. Because I’m a crafter, I have fold over elastic (FOE) stashed in my craft room from a Pick Your Plum purchase ages ago. I grabbed the elastic, scissors, a ruler, and a lighter, settled myself on the sofa, started an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and got to work. (Don’t blink now, or you’ll miss the mini tutorial!) First, cut the elastic to about 9 inches. Second, seal the ends with the lighter. Third, tie a knot at the end.

I finished an entire pile in less than one episode. In fact, I made way too many. I will have a listing in my Etsy shop for the five extra sets I made. Or, if you don’t like the colours I have, check Splendid Play, she has like 42 different colours available. Yes, really, 42!

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