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So Many Miles

Yeesh! I feel like 3 days ago it was March. I’m fairly certain April was about 26 hours long and May went by just as quickly. Despite my intentions with keeping up with Try Something New Every Month and Adventure in Making’s DIY challenges, time just wasn’t on my side.


Strawberry Distance Challenge – 5k

One major reason behind this has been my newish commitment to running. I’m apparently a glutton for challenges (and punishment), because I agreed to join a team effort to run 2,016 miles in the year 2016. There are 3 of us, so I only need to run around 800 miles this year. Since I don’t want to be left in the dust by my team, I am doing my best to keep up with the leader.


Super Hero Run – 5k – With HRC members

So far this year, I’ve logged 260 miles. Which means I’m a little behind despite participating in piles of 5ks. As a team, we are nearly to 800 miles for the year. I’ll pop in with updates throughout the rest of the year.


My favourite races are the locally hosted runs that support local non-profits and schools. They don’t provide the flashiest bling, but knowing that a local school gets new band equipment or the women’s hospital gets needed supplies balances that out for me.


Post Race Selfie

I’ve also joined Hogwart’s Running Club because, yes, I am a Potter geek (Go Hufflepuffs!) Their entire mission is to do so much good. It’s a virtual non-profit club that is based on the book series. To track miles, we use Charity Miles. This means that every mile we run creates a little donation to a charity of our choice. HRC also hosts virtual runs that raises money specifically for particular charities. These all come with very fancy, very awesome medals.


Carillon Classic – Bok Tower Gardens

This weekend, I was able to participate in a race with my mom. We both had a great time. I ran and created a new personal best. My mom discovered how fun 5ks can be (apparently this was her first race). We both also earned 2nd in our age division.

I’m now also in training for my first half marathon. I won’t be running it until the fall. I’m training during the summer so I will think it’s easy when the cooler weather hits.

I started posting pre- and post-race selfies to my Instagram feed, you can follow me there to see my accomplishments as well as other projects I have going on in life. Link: 64colorbox

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I’m Running a 5K!

I’ve had as a New Year’s resolution to run a 5K for 5ish years now. Every January I decide this is the year it will happen. And every year, I run once or twice and stop. I get too busy. It’s too cold. I have a myriad of excuses.

This year is a little different. I started running last summer. I live in a state that allows me to run outdoors for all but a few weeks (days if you are really hard-core, I’m not) of the year. I ran at least 3 times a week all summer long. For my birthday, I received proper running shoes.

During Christmas break, during one of my runs, I decided to run a 5K. In late February. By the time I got back home, I had forgotten. This last week, I finally sat down and found a run. Not a race.

On 21 February, I will be running/walking in the Color Vibe run in Lakeland. You are all welcome to come and throw colored powder at me while I attempt this feat. Click on either photo to get to more information.

Anyone have any suggestions or words of advice, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I wish these photos were mine, but in fact are property of Color Vibe. Clicking on them will link to Color Vibe’s facebook page.

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