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Us spending time together having fun, learning, laughing, and loving. Maybe you’ll be inspired. I’m sure we had a great time.



My resolutions are house based this year. We have been in the house nearly three years now and we’ve been putting off little projects to make this place a home for long enough.

This year I’d like to:

Paint the remaining rooms in the house. This includes the third bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

I don’t know if the kitchen will get finished because we’d really like to remodel it and we haven’t saved the money to tackle that project yet.

Decorate the walls with photographs and art.


We did start adding photos last year, but we have many more to add!

We also need to:

Add decorations like curtains or drapes. Update decor like throw pillows, lamps, framing photos.


Destash. Sell it, donate it, or trash it!

Of course, I’ll continue to have non-house related projects going on, but my focus this year is making a home. I’m certain I’ll be learning a lot about home decorating that I’ll be passing on to you this year.



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A Quick Review

It’s easy to forget all that you did in one year. After scrolling through my Facebook feed (and let’s face it, that’s the most comprehensive source) I’m impressed with what we’ve accomplished this year.

We travelled to Chicago. Though the reason was sad, the time spent with family was great. We had amazing pizza.


We showed up in Kansas City to surprise my dad for his 70th birthday in February.

We drove to Virginia for our honeymoon.


We detoured through Ohio on the way home to pick up my first Singer Sewing Machine.


We popped over to New Orleans for a holiday party.

We spent an astronomical amount of time at Disney. We rode many rides.We met loads of princesses.


I ran a lot. Six hundred miles to be exact. With a team, I ran 2,016 miles this year. I completed 6 virtual runs with Hogwarts Running Club. I also ran a half marathon, two 10k’s, and a fair few 5k’s. I haven’t done very well at keeping track.


I painted a room in our house in the dark. Then painted 120 frames blue and hung them on the newly painted wall.


I made a few dresses and diaper bags. This was my favourite.


I crafted a few cakes. This little guy turned out great!


My husband made this string of lights for our Halloween party.


Overall, we had a good year full of fun and adventure.


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Happy 2017!


Wishing everyone a great start to a new year. Give your family hugs and spend some quality time with them today. Take some time to remember the good of the last year and wish for something better for this coming year. Make a resolution or two (or not). Make something, eat something, and enjoy your day!



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A Little Fuzzy

I have worn glasses (and contacts) for the majority of my life. I chose my first pair in second grade and have been wearing them ever since. They were a horrible, ugly pair of plastic oversized frames that nearly covered my face. Well, maybe not quite that large, but they were ugly and plastic. The late 80’s were not kind to glasses wearers.


Thankfully, my mom took pity on me and let me start wearing contacts a few years later. I was so relieved to not have glasses on my face. Except sunglasses, I love wearing sunglasses.

In the last few years, I have grown to despise my contacts nearly as much as those awful glasses. After much thought and reading, I took the plunge this summer and convinced myself to get LASIK (Technically PRK, which is LASIK without the flap). Eek!


The procedure itself wasn’t terrible. I’m sure there are more terrifying operations to go through. I’ve not experienced them, so I’m only guessing.

What I didn’t expect was how long the recovery is taking. I was functioning mostly normally within 3 days with the exception of driving, reading, using a computer, being outside, watching TV, sewing, and baking. So essentially everything I do to keep occupied.


Clarity has slowly been making itself known. Every day, I realise I’ve just done something for the first time without the aid of glasses or without squinting. About the only time my eyes feel squinty is when working on my computer (thus the lack of posts) and outside in bright sunlight.


Overall, it has been a good experience and I’m glad to have done it. I also hope that I never have to go through the process again.

Despite the lack of sight, I have been busy with projects and am working on share them with you. Today, you get photos from Monticello during our honeymoon.


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Honeymoon Highlights

As I mentioned last weekend, we are newly back from our honeymoon. Yes, we did get married nearly 2 years ago, don’t judge, life happens.

We had the pleasure of staying at Massanutten Resort in Virginia. I highly recommend staying there. The staff was always helpful. There were loads of activities. It is probably possible to check in and never leave resort property (unless on a resort field trip) for a week and still not run out of things to do. We only took advantage of the art classes and tried a couple of restaurants; we opted to explore the surrounding area. That didn’t disappoint either.


Our first adventure took us to Luray Caverns. It’s a little on the spendy side of the numerous caverns, but its extras are worth the price. The caverns were amazing. I’d never seen so many stalactites and stalagmites in one place. The guides were a wealth of information as well. Included in the price were a couple of museums; both of which were entertaining.

During the initial drive to the resort and while heading to the caverns, we kept seeing signs for a Skyline Drive. We learned it is a scenic highway through the Shenandoah National Park. The Skyline Drive is around 100 miles long. We tackled the middle bit. The drive includes 75 scenic views and marvelous twisty roads climbing through the mountains.


The pass you purchase to enter the park is valid for a week. We headed back the next day to scout out a waterfall or two. We opted to find the tallest waterfall. We ended up hiking about 8 miles to find this 92 foot high waterfall. It wasn’t a terrible hike, but we weren’t super impressed with the waterfall. It was more of a water trickle.


One of our main reasons for choosing this resort, was its closeness to Washington DC. It was a place we hadn’t visited together. We took one day to drive near the city and then use public transportation to travel through the city. We left at 5am to hopefully avoid the terrible traffic. Our timing worked out fairly well along with the ability to use the HOV lane.


It was bigger than expected.

Our early arrival allowed us to check out the Washington, Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam War, and Korean War memorials before the Smithsonian Museums opened for the day. We also caught a glimpse of the White House.


View from the Lincoln Memorial

Our goal was three of the 13 Smithsonian Museums. We began with the Air and Space Museum. It did not disappoint. I finally got to see the Spirit of St. Louis!  Sadly, we missed seeing the USS Enterprise by a few days.


Our second museum for the day was the Natural History Museum. On our walk between museums, we strolled through the Sculpture Garden. The Natural History Museum was educational.

We decided to take a break from museums and see the White House. Unfortunately, on our trek back to the museums, we got caught in a massive downpour and decided that we were done for the day. We didn’t make it to our third museum. I have a feeling we will be visiting Washington DC again and staying a little closer to explore our nation’s capital in more depth.


I somehow stumbled across a glorious find in a nearby town. We went off to explore a camera museum and a church with some amazing stained glass windows. Both were fairly impressive. I now wish I had taken photos in the camera museum, but I didn’t. The town also had some fun art instalations around town. This one was in front of the library.


Our last big adventure for the trip was to visit Monticello. I love visiting historic home and seeing how people lived. I’m always a little jealous of the gorgeous homes until I remember the toilets are outside and showers weren’t a daily habit. Not to mention the lack of electricity. Thomas Jefferson’s home and grounds were enjoyable. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm rolled in and the outside tours were cancelled for the afternoon. A light drizzle doesn’t bother us much and we still tramped all around the grounds.


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So Many Miles

Yeesh! I feel like 3 days ago it was March. I’m fairly certain April was about 26 hours long and May went by just as quickly. Despite my intentions with keeping up with Try Something New Every Month and Adventure in Making’s DIY challenges, time just wasn’t on my side.


Strawberry Distance Challenge – 5k

One major reason behind this has been my newish commitment to running. I’m apparently a glutton for challenges (and punishment), because I agreed to join a team effort to run 2,016 miles in the year 2016. There are 3 of us, so I only need to run around 800 miles this year. Since I don’t want to be left in the dust by my team, I am doing my best to keep up with the leader.


Super Hero Run – 5k – With HRC members

So far this year, I’ve logged 260 miles. Which means I’m a little behind despite participating in piles of 5ks. As a team, we are nearly to 800 miles for the year. I’ll pop in with updates throughout the rest of the year.


My favourite races are the locally hosted runs that support local non-profits and schools. They don’t provide the flashiest bling, but knowing that a local school gets new band equipment or the women’s hospital gets needed supplies balances that out for me.


Post Race Selfie

I’ve also joined Hogwart’s Running Club because, yes, I am a Potter geek (Go Hufflepuffs!) Their entire mission is to do so much good. It’s a virtual non-profit club that is based on the book series. To track miles, we use Charity Miles. This means that every mile we run creates a little donation to a charity of our choice. HRC also hosts virtual runs that raises money specifically for particular charities. These all come with very fancy, very awesome medals.


Carillon Classic – Bok Tower Gardens

This weekend, I was able to participate in a race with my mom. We both had a great time. I ran and created a new personal best. My mom discovered how fun 5ks can be (apparently this was her first race). We both also earned 2nd in our age division.

I’m now also in training for my first half marathon. I won’t be running it until the fall. I’m training during the summer so I will think it’s easy when the cooler weather hits.

I started posting pre- and post-race selfies to my Instagram feed, you can follow me there to see my accomplishments as well as other projects I have going on in life. Link: 64colorbox

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… from last year.

I’m never quite as organised as I wish or sometimes appear. I always laugh to myself when someone declares me organised. I think I just know how to appear organised. I admit to being good at organising but keeping up with everything is rather difficult. Every year I hope to do better. This isn’t about resolutions, this is about remembering.

This year I:

Read a pile of books.

Donated my hair.

Dyed my hair pink. Hot Pink! It was fun.

Opened a home-based bake shop.

Bakery Banner

Baked about a million cupcakes.

Ran three 5k races.

Celebrated my first wedding anniversary. There was cake. I don’t have photos.

Vacationed at Disney.

Visited my Gramma in Arizona.

Spent a weekend in Cincinnati.

Spent a weekend in Austin.

Picked lemons, strawberries, and blueberries.

Visited a handful of museums, but not nearly as many as usual.


Overall, it was a great year at our house. There are a few things I’d like to improve next year. I’ll save that for another time. I hope you had a great year as well.



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Making Lemonade

Sometimes, life sends you in a direction you weren’t quite expecting. That happened this week. I was going about my normal crafty-summer week, (I had some great things planned.), when I decided a trip to visit my Gramma was necessary. This meant travelling across the country to Arizona.

We may have bent the rules a little towards the end.


Today, we played Scrabble. My Gramma, who can’t remember 5 minutes ago, is a wiz at the game. I think she would have won had we kept score.

Pondering her next move.


I used to think she would outlive us all. I know better now. I’m going to enjoy this time I get to spend with her now.

She’s a sneaky one.

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Dress Reveal

As part of our photography package, we got an engagement photo session. We weren’t really interested in engagement photos. Our photographer was kind enough to switch it out for a wedding dress session. Scheduling this was the motivation I needed to complete the dress! Enjoy!

I even was organised enough to schedule my practice hair day before going to the shoot. I was so proud of myself!

She wouldn’t let me wear my sunglasses!

I was really glad I wasn’t wearing a larger or heavier dress. It was hot and humid. Because July in Florida is like that.

Then I decided to run away, or something.

In case you want to try this dress on your own, here is where I found everything.

I’ll be showing off more of Candi’s photos with my other wedding posts. If you are in need of a photographer in the Winter Haven area, I highly recommend Candi. She is easy-going and professional. She was great fun to work with. Check out her website, Holden Memories, for more details and to see her other work. She also has a facebook page.

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Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Picking

It’s been fairly quiet around here as I have been working on keeping up with my first year teaching second grade (nearly done now!). I’m gearing up for summer now, so it’s time to dust the cobwebs off and share more of my stories.

Blueberry Picking

Along with teaching, my husband and I have been having our share of little adventures. Last weekend found us doing something neither had ever done before. We went blueberry picking! We go strawberry picking every year, but we have noticed an influx of pick your own blueberry farms around. We decided it was time to check it out.

Blueberry Picking

We had so much fun. Since there are so many berries on one bush, we were able to work on the same bush and have fun chatting about random things.

Blueberry Picking

Also, unless you concern yourself with getting all the ripe berries from the bush, you hardly have to bend over. I of course wanted every single ripe berry and found myself sitting on the ground to get every last blue blueberry off those bushes.

Blueberry Picking

We very quickly accumulated our one bucket full. I would have gone for 2 buckets, but I didn’t have quite enough cash on hand. I am still contemplating a second trip to get a few more…maybe my mum and dad will want to join the fun during their visit.

Blueberry Picking

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