It is me!

I once spent a wonderful morning near a pond in a park in Shanghai writing out a bio for some website. I promptly lost the napkin it was written on. It was, of course, the perfect description. Which is of course, me. Most days, you’ll find me toting a camera, my nook, and a cup of tea rushing to get my next project started. A good book and a comfy chair can stop me in my tracks. I enjoy, in no particular order, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, and tea. Not to mention reading and travelling and cooking.

Following two years of teaching English in first China then Egypt, I found myself back in school completing the certification process to teach in the US. I currently teach second grade in a wonderful, small-town school in the state of Florida where I find myself happily settling with my husband. We met while I was visiting my brother after returning from Egypt. We are quite happy together and are busy building a life that includes each other.

I have been sewing since before I can really remember. I do recall sitting on my Gramma’s lap ‘helping’ her stitch a few items together. My first solo project began when I was about 8. I sewed a skirt with my mum nervously watching over my shoulder. I’ve been hooked ever since. These days you’ll find me alternating between sewing for myself, my niece, a project my husband is directing, or for my Etsy shop.

When I am not sewing, you’ll find me baking. While at the moment baking is still a hobby, I am hoping soon it will become a source of income.

If you want to contact me you can send me an email at:

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