My resolutions are house based this year. We have been in the house nearly three years now and we’ve been putting off little projects to make this place a home for long enough.

This year I’d like to:

Paint the remaining rooms in the house. This includes the third bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

I don’t know if the kitchen will get finished because we’d really like to remodel it and we haven’t saved the money to tackle that project yet.

Decorate the walls with photographs and art.


We did start adding photos last year, but we have many more to add!

We also need to:

Add decorations like curtains or drapes. Update decor like throw pillows, lamps, framing photos.


Destash. Sell it, donate it, or trash it!

Of course, I’ll continue to have non-house related projects going on, but my focus this year is making a home. I’m certain I’ll be learning a lot about home decorating that I’ll be passing on to you this year.



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