A Quick Review

It’s easy to forget all that you did in one year. After scrolling through my Facebook feed (and let’s face it, that’s the most comprehensive source) I’m impressed with what we’ve accomplished this year.

We travelled to Chicago. Though the reason was sad, the time spent with family was great. We had amazing pizza.


We showed up in Kansas City to surprise my dad for his 70th birthday in February.

We drove to Virginia for our honeymoon.


We detoured through Ohio on the way home to pick up my first Singer Sewing Machine.


We popped over to New Orleans for a holiday party.

We spent an astronomical amount of time at Disney. We rode many rides.We met loads of princesses.


I ran a lot. Six hundred miles to be exact. With a team, I ran 2,016 miles this year. I completed 6 virtual runs with Hogwarts Running Club. I also ran a half marathon, two 10k’s, and a fair few 5k’s. I haven’t done very well at keeping track.


I painted a room in our house in the dark. Then painted 120 frames blue and hung them on the newly painted wall.


I made a few dresses and diaper bags. This was my favourite.


I crafted a few cakes. This little guy turned out great!


My husband made this string of lights for our Halloween party.


Overall, we had a good year full of fun and adventure.


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