Scarves and a 5K

The year we married, I started running for exercise. I had no goal or plan or ambition, it was just an inexpensive way to exercise. Since we live in Florida, I can run outside nearly all year, so I didn’t need to join a gym.


After about a year, I let work and life push running out of the picture. I was enjoying being married. Work was extra stressful. I really just couldn’t be bothered.

One day someone from one of my internet friends posed a challenge. He wanted to create a team to pledge to run 2,016 miles in 2016. I knew I wanted to start running again, so I joined in. I’m sure I’ll mention our progress again as the year goes on. We are right around 200 miles already.


To add to the inspiration, I discovered a Hogwart’s Running Club. I had to join. I’m now a proud member of the Hufflepuff team. You are welcome to follow the link to find details on joining.

HRC does virtual 5Ks throughout the year. Each run is done in support of a charity. In tandem with the race is a challenge that each house competes in. The first run of the year is the Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run. The charity of choice is One Warm Coat.


Each house is challenged with gathering scarves to give to One Warm Coat who can then give out the scarves with the winter coats. I cannot speak for the other houses, but us Hufflepuffs go right to work. Wizards and witches were shopping, knitting, and sewing scarves left and right.

I was finally able to sit down and stitch up a pile of scarves myself. I rooted around for my excess collection of fleece and got to work.


The only fleece that was long enough to be scarves was the black fleece. However, I didn’t think it was long enough to cut fringe into the ends. I opted to add colorful squares and rectangles to the ends of each scarf.


Each scarf got its own design of squares. With the limited choices I had to be a little creative. I managed to stick to my resolution for yet another project. I had these fleece on hand from when I made Angry Birds. I always have thread.

Now I just need to sort through my collection and pull out the scarves I no longer need.


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