T.S.N.E.M -Quilting Edition


It took me a couple weeks to settle on a project. I wanted to try paper piecing, but couldn’t settle on a project. Or to copy a quilt pattern onto a canvas. I was finally reminded by another participant’s project about the quilt kit I had requested from Quilts for Kids.



I had requested the kit 4 years ago with the intention of making it my last summer project but got waylaid by another project or work stuff. As you all know, it is very easy to bury projects with supplies for other projects. I’m very glad I was reminded of the little kit I had hiding in the corner just waiting its turn.


My kit came with pieces to make a Nine Patch Quilt. No easy beginner quilt for me. I jumped right in and followed the detailed instructions for constructing the top. In fact, I had pulled the project out just to get a handle on what I would need to do and accidentally made the entire top in about 3 hours!


Since I knew my blocks didn’t line up exactly right. Even the pre-cut provided brown doggie squares weren’t quite right. I wanted to quilt each square individually. I probably spent way more time than necessary working on the quilting of this quilt, but I rather like how it turned out. On the 9-square squares, I stitched around each little square. Ugh! For the big squares, I did 3 shrinking squares. I also added a few lines around the framing pieces of the quilt.

To complete the quilt, I used black quilt binding and attached it like bias tape.


The quilt has been shipped off to be loved and used by a deserving child. I would like to send more, but that will have to wait until I’m able to more easily sort through my sewing scraps. If I’ve inspired you, check out Quilts for Kids and send in quilts or request a kit to start your own.



I’ve even kept to my resolution goals. I did need to purchase batting and binding, but the rest of the materials I already had on hand. Woo!

February’s challenge is to try a tactile craft such as candle making, clay, paper mache, or candlemaking. None of these sound particularly interesting, nor do I have supplies on hand. I’m going to have to spend some time searching my Pinterest Board: Crafty Corner for some inspiration. Or just stare long and hard at all of my supplies until inspiration hits.


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2 responses to “T.S.N.E.M -Quilting Edition

  1. I have never heard of that program before, how cool! It looks great, too!

  2. I’ve never tried a quilt kit. Most of my quilts have been just simple layouts I’ve sketched in a day. I love the dog fabric! Visiting from the TSNEM link up.

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