I Like to Read

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-15 om 17.42.41A lot. I read everything. Signs, boxes, brochures, articles, books, magazines, web sites. I just can’t stop reading. I do not comprehend not wanting to read all the time. I just don’t get it. And I will judge you for not reading.

This of course means that I have an account over at goodreads.com. I do my best to log the books I have read. Though I’m sure I’ve missed a few (or a lot). I also participate in their yearly reading challenge. Last year I beat my goal of 65 books, by an entire 3 extra books. Go Me! I will admit, this includes audio books. However, it doesn’t include books read for work or to my classroom. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Reading Bingo

This year, I am once again taking on the reading challenge. And I’m upping my goal. I like nice round numbers. I’ve set my goal for 70 books. To make this happen, I’m probably going to have to read a few books under the 300 page mark.

Given that I am a voracious reader, I also keep 2 reading Pinterest boards going. The first is my Reminders to Read board. Anytime I come across a book that sounds interesting, I pin it. I try to read books from this list first. I also have an ongoing list on my phone for when I see a book in a store that I’d like to read but don’t want to purchase just then.

pilha-livrosAs I read the books, I shift them over to my Books Worth Reading board. Unless I think they are total crap, they the pins just get deleted. I don’t often delete pins. A book must be particularly terrible for that to happen.

Of course, there is always my goodread’s shelves that are teeming with the books I’ve read. I try to keep my wish to read shelves there to a minimum and store them on Pinterest.

Outside of the Goodreads challenge, I don’t usually join challenges, but this year, I’m going to use this check list to shake up my reading a little bit.

If anyone knows sources for any of these images, please let me know. Every path I tried lead to a broken link.


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