JARA Pink Pattern Lampshade

Pink Lampshade

I’ve discovered through my few years of blogging that most craft/sewing challenges run through the school year. I really want to participate in these challenges, but usually cannot find the extra time to put something together. I am delighted to have found the Craft Challenge over at punk projects. Katie is running an 8 week project challenge. On Sunday, the topic is posted and then we have until Friday night to link up our project for the week.

I missed week one since school wasn’t out for summer yet. I tried, but there is no tired like end of school year tired. I waited impatiently for week two’s challenge to be posted; then I struggled for 3 days to will my brain to be creative. My brain finally emerged from the tired, structured thinking of school and switched to creative mode. Just in the nick of time!

This week, the challenge was to use our favourite colours! Well, my favourite colour is pink. I spent a lot of time pondering what exactly I should do for this project. It wasn’t until I was researching another project, that I found the perfect idea. The best part of this project being that I didn’t have to purchase any of the supplies. Completing this would tie up a loose end of a larger project to light my craft room we started at Christmas (I’ll share those details at a later date).

My inspiration came from the Esty shop, Patturn. I like how she uses old maps and pattern paper to cover lampshades. As I had a lampshade to cover, I decided it would fit right into my room.

Pink Lampshade

To incorporate pink, I first painted the lampshade a lovely light pink. I used the very inexpensive brand Apple Barrel acrylic paint called Cameo Pink. I thought that since the pattern paper is thin, the pink would bleed through. I also hoped it would give a faint pink glow.

Pink Lampshade

After allowing the paint to dry for a bit, I pulled out an old pattern I found at a rummage sale and my bottle of Mod Podge. I painted a layer of Mod Podge on the shade, then spread the pattern paper over the glue. Since the paper is fairly thin, it rips easily, so I didn’t smooth the paper out smoothly. I used larger pieces to cover the entire shade. I then added a couple smaller pieces to provide a distinct pattern piece look.

Pink Lampshade

As I said, I had hoped the pink paint would show through the paper, but apparently patterns from the 70’s used thicker paper than now because it didn’t show through much at all. If I hold the shade in direct sunlight, I can see the pink, but that defeats the purpose of having a lamp. In order to add a little more pink, I grabbed a roll of Washi tape and added a “ribbon” detail to the top and bottom of the shade.

To finish up, I re-glued the pattern paper around the edges and trimmed the paper close to the seams. Finally, I used my Mod Podge to seal the outside of the lampshade.

Pink Lampshade

To try this project on your own, you will need the following supplies:

  • white fabric lampshade (mine is the JARA from IKEA )
  • small bottle of acrylic paint – in your favourite colour
  • Mod Podge
  • foam brushes (I used a 1 inch brush
  • unwanted pattern pieces

Pink Lampshade


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