Work Begins

I may have purchased my fabric in November, but it wasn’t until May when I finally started work on the dress. I have a myriad of reasons (excuses) why I didn’t begin sooner. Too busy teaching school; lose a little more weight; doing research. They were all a little bit true. But in fact, I was terrified to get started. What if I did something wrong? What if it looked horrible? What if I had to drive all the way back to Miami and they didn’t have anymore lace?

As the school year neared the end, I knew I had to get started. I spent some time reading about wedding dress construction and realised I needed linings and stabilizers and boning and interfacing. I spent a little time finding and ordering such items. (I’ll share resources in a later post.)

Finally, I got to work. Normally, when I cut out a pattern, I layer fabrics that are multiples of the same piece. I would cut out the lining and the outer fabric in one go. It saves time. There was no way I was going to layer the fabrics for this job. Each fabric would be cut separately, beginning with the least expensive fabric. I figured a little practice wouldn’t hurt before cutting into that marvelous lace.

The Cutting


I wish I had taken more photos of this process. However, my full concentration was required to make certain every piece was facing the correct direction and I cut the right number of said pieces. Never has cutting out a pattern been so stressful!


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