Wedding Dress Woes

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make my own wedding dress. Over the years, my idea of the ideal wedding dress has changed dramatically from a simple shift to the grand puffy Cinderella style gown and back again. At one point, I had even purchased a pattern. I’m sure it was 99¢.  I wanted it shiny and silky, then muted and taffeta. I swore up and down it would never be lace!

Wedding Dress Fabric

The only detail that remained the same were the sleeves. There was never a plan to have sleeves. I remained steadfast that it would be sleeveless with a neckline that went straight across. No sweetheart necklines for this girl!

We had a fairly long engagement, so I had much time to ponder just exactly how I wanted to make this dress. I spent hours scouring the internet for inspiration. I finally settled on 3 similar designs. One was made with eyelet lace. The other was made with Alencon lace (which I later learned is very, very expensive). The third seersucker.  The debate between these three dresses was decided when other details about the wedding were settled. I didn’t want to make a simple dress and have an elaborate wedding. I didn’t want an elaborate dress and a picnic wedding.

Option 3

Option 1









When I finally settled on a sort of vintage/homemade vibe for the wedding, I solidified my dress decision and bought the fabric. Full on lace covered dress here I come. Even then, it wasn’t until I bought the fabric that I was sure this was the right idea.

Option 2 – The winner!


My inspiration came from an Alice Padrul wedding dress called the Adele. Which, I discovered has a little sister pattern made by Butterick. They aren’t exact, but I didn’t need exact, I just needed a base to start my dress.

No ordinary fabric could be used to make this dress, this required a special trip to a fabric district. I wasn’t so crazy to demand to fly out to New York City or Los Angles (I did consider it.); I headed to Miami. This was the closest place I could find. I couldn’t fathom ordering such important material online. I needed to touch it and see it in person.

Wedding Dress Fabric


I found the perfect fabrics at Carol Fabrics Inc. (sorry, no website). The service there was superb. The lady (whom I believe was Carol), was very patient and kind. She offered suggestions, but ultimately left the decision up to me. (This was not the case at all the shops I visited that day.)  I intended to find the fancy Alencon lace, but wasn’t able to find Ivory. I found a much less expensive lace that had caught my eye when I entered the shop. I would have saved much time if I had just gone with my gut in the first place.

I promise, these wedding dress posts get more exciting.

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