2015 Photographic Intent

Bouche Noir

I don’t want to call it a challenge or a resolution. I know I will take more than an average of one photo a day. Most of which will never see the light of day. I am still very much in the learning process of taking photographs. Even getting the settings correct takes trial and error on my part.

This year, I would like to deliberately take one photograph a week. I don’t want it to be a snapshot. I want to take a photo that I have thought about. A photo that is staged or set-up. Where I have thought about the camera settings. Pondered the props.

Currently, what my mind’s eye sees and what actually happens aren’t always the same, sometimes, they aren’t even close. I’d like to get closer to the point where they start to meld.

This week’s photo came close to being what I imagined. The set-up is the same, but the angle I took the photo changed. I imagined the shot from the bottom up. Instead (which I should have known), is that I took the photo from more of an aerial view.

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