Merry Christmas?!

Christmas Photo 2014

Yes, I know, I’m a few days weeks behind. I decided to relax and enjoy my holiday time. Without realising it, my husband and I kept up a hectic pace from early summer until now. We needed rest. I got a little more rest than he did as I get Christmas off (Yay! for being a teacher.) I did my best to keep activities to a minimum when I knew he would be home so we could relax. I think I did okay.

Christmas Cards 2014

This decision to relax even seeped into our yearly Christmas card. For the past few years, our cards have involved photo shoots, designing and constructing of the cards, and then the addressing and mailing of said cards. This year, we wimped out a little.

Christmas Cards 2014

Thankfully, we have this collection of wedding photos that only a select few have seen. (They will be released to the public soon, if they haven’t already by the time this is published.) We agreed to do something we have never done. We (oh, it hurts to even type it) added doodles to a photo. I feel slightly ashamed. It did turn out rather nicely.

Christmas Cards 2014

Even the cards this year, while homemade, were less elaborate. My first plan was to cut an opening in the front of the cards so you could see the photo. This plan was thwarted when I couldn’t find a pack of green cardstock. Red, yes. Black, yes. White, yes. Green, nope! We did come across one measly pack of solid green cards. It did not contain enough cards. We did find pre-made plaid cards and went for those.

Christmas Cards 2014

Rather than cut shapes out of the cards, I used my silhouette to make ornament shapes to attach to the front of the cards. I used a bright gold-yellow to make the ornament toppers. Had there been more time, I would have included a little wire hanger. The ornaments were cut in red, green, and blue.

Christmas Cards 2014

To spice them up a little, I added an embossed Merry Christmas to the front of each stamp.

Christmas Cards 2014


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