School’s out for Summer!


I am delighted to be free for the summer! I have a thousand things planned and not a single one of them has anything to do with school. That’s not completely true, but I intend to spend minimal time thinking about work.

Instead, I plan to finish moving into our new house. We moved in back in September and haven’t taken the time to make it completely home yet. I have a very long list of tasks I’d like to complete.

I’m also working on wedding plans! We are getting married in August. Though you probably won’t see much about that here until September. I’m trying to keep things a bit of a surprise. I promise there will be tutorials then.


I have new items for my Etsy shop. The poor thing is feeling neglected for certain. I am also working with a friend on having a booth at this years Leaky Con in Orlando. I’ll be spending some time geeking out over Harry Potter.

As if that weren’t enough, I am also volunteering a couple of days a week at a community center. So far I’ve helped set up the new library. How perfect is that for me to be doing?!

I’m excited to be back blogging. I’m looking forward to sharing most of my summer projects with you. There will be plenty of sewing projects, baking adventures, maybe a few book reviews. I’m sure there will be stories of my volunteer days.


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