Follow-Through in March

It is actually March 1st as I begin to write this post. My plan is to add to this post throughout the month so when the end of the month rolls around, I’m not struggling to recall what my follow-through achievements were.

I spent some time taking zippers and such off of muslin (read cheap fabric) versions of patterns I made. I had been hoping they would be acceptable to wear, but discovered the fabric wasn’t suitable. The muslin did it’s job though, I now know the couple little alterations I need to make to have the garments turn out successfully. I have also been taking time to mend and alter various articles of clothing. I re-hemmed a skirt and shorts, shortened a skirt, and am altering a button down top.

I finally got around to creating a St. Patrick’s Day door hanging out of the supplies I bought from Pick Your Plum a couple of years ago. You can read the post here.

I am also taking time to photograph projects so I can share them on my blog. That has been one of my hindrances to consistent posting. I have found that our bay window is an excellent light box from about 9-11 am. I use Saturday or Sunday mornings to take a few photos.

My largest follow-through of the month was to begin my wedding dress. It has been in the planning stages since mid-October. I bought the fabric in November. This last weekend, I cut out and sewed together the muslin version (I actually used muslin). This was for fitting purposes only. I have had trouble with sizing using the particular brand of pattern I’m using for the base of my dress and wanted to make certain I made the correct size. Now I am ready to cut out the actual fabric and start sewing. There won’t be photos of this until after the wedding as my fiance is doing his best not to see the dress before the wedding despite me sewing it in the house. It’s been rather cute!

I am also coming off of spring break this week. During this time my fiance and I opted not to travel anywhere, but rather take day trips to nearby Florida attractions. I am finally taking time to explore my current home state. I can now check off of the list: The Dali Museum, Florida Museum of Natural History (I went to see the butterflies), and Lion Country Safari. All of which were fun and I would recommend as places to visit.

Since this has been an informational post, I am ending it with a beautiful photograph of delicious candy made by my friend Melissa. You can purchase her candy at Ambrosia Candies.


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