Luck for the Front Door

Like many, I’m addicted to purchasing craft supplies from Pick Your Plum. I enjoy the excitement of the entire process. Sometimes, I get something and then it sits for a few months (or in this case, a year or more). Since I am working on following through with projects and ideas this year, I am getting better at not buying supplies I don’t need and rather using supplies I already have.

This could be a tutorial if you can find all of these supplies. It may be possible. I’ve honestly not looked around. I bought the wooden pieces from a year or so ago. I found the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. I always have a jar or two of Modge Podge on hand. You never know when you are going to need some.


I started by attaching the first fabric to the background board with Modge Podge. I painted the glue with a foam brush (I keep a large supplies of those on hand as well). To attach the fabric, I carefully smoothed it over the painted board. I did my best not to stretch the fabric, but just smooth it over the top of the board. I then painted the edges and smoothed the fabric around the edges and then to the back.

While that dried, I glued the second fabric to the clover. I did this slightly differently (if my fingers hadn’t been a sticky mess, there would be photos of this). I first cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the clover. Then spread the glue over the clover. Next, I smoothed the fabric over then glue. To finish, I used small scissors to trim around the edges of the clover. 

I painted a coat of Modge Podge over all pieces to seal the fabric and wood. I may even add a layer of spray sealer when I take it down, just to add a little more protection from the humidity here.

Before assembling the layers, I had my fiance drill holes in the top corners. I used 4 finishing nails to secure the 3 layers of wood together. To finish, I tied green ribbon through the prepared holes and knotted the ends.


Our bright blue door came with a nail. It’s even painted the same colour!

Make It and Love It

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