Adding Some Pizzazz

We bought a new house recently (ok, like 6 months ago, is that still recently?) and we have been slowly organising and reorganising. We are also doing some decorating as we go. The entire process is going slowly as we both have very busy schedules. During one of my recent long weekends, I decided to start unpacking all of the sewing and craft supplies. About halfway through unpacking, inspiration hit and I finally decided how I wanted to paint my room!

The room before.

I had known I wanted to paint it pink, I just couldn’t settle on which shade. Too pale and it would look white or like a little girl’s room. I was also concerned that if I went too bright, it would be distracting rather than inspirational. I finally decided I needed a bright pink with a bright white.

Other side of the room, before painting.

I chose First Kiss as my pink (I tried to include a color sample, but the site wouldn’t let me). I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out. Every time I walk past or into the room I get a huge grin just looking at the walls.

The primer layer is finished.

Reorganising back into the room went quickly. I still have a few projects in mind for new furniture. I also have plans for artwork for the walls. Including a huge bulletin board (maybe). I will also be getting a closet organiser and will be painting the closet the matching pink.

All painted pink!

I have even had to opportunity to complete a few projects in the newly painted room.


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2 responses to “Adding Some Pizzazz

  1. ooo!! Nice! I wish I had a sewing room!! Sadly at the moment I dont even have a sewing corner!! Still up for some sew bossy fun?

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