Lemony Fresh

I did something for the first time last Saturday. I picked lemons off a tree. Then I pulled most of the Spanish Moss off as well. That wasn’t so fun. I also discovered that the bay window makes an excellent light box from 8 am until 11:30 am. I think I will make some smooth white Roman blinds to replace the cheap paper ones currently there. They will provide a smoother background for photos. These are some shots with various settings trying out my new discovery.

I have many memories of apple picking as a child. First at my grandparent’s farm. They had an entire grove of trees growing out front. Then on school trips to the local orchard where you could also press the apples into just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Or so we were told. Eventually, my parents’ trees grew large enough to give us piles and piles of apples. Even in college my friends and I would spend a Sunday afternoon at the orchard picking apples to bake into pies and make apple sauce.

This is an activity that I have been missing. This Saturday let me create a new memory about fruit picking. One of our new neighbours has a lemon tree in his front yard. He no longer uses all of them, so he offered them to us. We took advantage of that offer and nearly cleared the tree! In return, we pulled most of the Spanish Moss off the tree. (This will be a wonderful punishment chore for my children some day!)

I have never had lemons so fresh and juicy. One small lemon easily squeezed out a quarter cup of juice! I didn’t even use a juicer, just my hands. I’ve never gotten such good results from grocery store lemons. I can’t wait to share all the yummy goodies I created with a small portion of the juice I harvested.

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