A New Year, A New Attempt

I’ve been mulling thoughts about this topic for a few weeks now. Even now, I am having trouble articulating what exactly this means and how I will be able to show that I am indeed following through on things.

The premise is simple (I think). I have loads of ideas. Ideas for shop inventory, sewing projects, little businesses, baking; I could go on, but I believe you get the idea. My problem is usually the follow-through. There is almost always a point (it’s different for each idea/project) when I stop working on the project. And then it just sits, taking up space in my ever crowded sewing room.

My goal this year is to push myself past the stopping point. I’m going to follow through on ideas and projects. A fair few of these projects will never be seen by anyone but myself and my family. Many are for my little Etsy shop, that I would like to be not so little. A few are further business ideas that I would like to see where they would go.

I realise I am being vague about what specifically I will be doing. Partly because I’m not certain of what I will choose to follow through on. I do plan on giving updates throughout the year. Some of these projects will be quick. Some may take a few months. A handful won’t be complete this year, but I want to make progress on them.

Some proof of follow-through will be in the form of blog posts about projects. You should start to see more items in my Etsy shop (rather than the lousy 2). This project is a work in progress. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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