Quite a Year, 2013

We have had quite a year in the Color Box household. With the exception of a few bumps, it’s been a good year for us. Here are the highlights in photos.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity (link is not child friendly) took us by storm. We now play this at nearly every gathering of friends. If you haven’t tried it, find a friend with a copy or come visit us, we will play a round with you.

Getting the Shot

We started off the year taking loads of photos. I hope we keep it up a little better this year. We spent some time at the Florida Aquarium for a birthday for a very sweet little girl.


My Etsy shop had quite a little business going for a few months. Then I ran out of inventory. I plan to get that up and running again with even more products.

Dizzy Izzy  Silly Sister

In February, my sister and her family came for a visit. We had a marvelous time playing tourists all over Central Florida. We did everything but go to the beach, it was just a little too cold.
Historic Mansion

Spring break brought us to Charleston, SC. Despite the cold temperatures (with the exception of one day) we had a marvelous time exploring one of the oldest cities in the United States. I don’t know that I will ever convince Sean to go any further north in March again.

Haunted Chocolate Cake

In May, I found myself jetting off to Arizona to spend an unexpected week helping my mum out with my dad’s first week out of hospital following a heart attack. We are all delighted at the recovery he has made since then. While there, we took a quick trip to have the best chocolate cake I’ve eaten. I strive to make cake this delicious.

YES!!!!  Loving This

Upon my return from Arizona, I received the best surprise ever. Sean was waiting at the airport in this shirt. Of course, I said yes, and now we are slowly planning our wedding. You will probably be hearing lots about that this year.

Very Happy Couple

My brother decided to elope this summer and invited the family along. We took another trip to Arizona to celebrate his marriage to a wonderful woman.

St. Augustein Lighthouse

For our anniversary, we took another trip to a historic city, St. Augustine. I finally got to see the Fountain of Youth I heard so much about in school. Sean found the best hat ever. And we got to watch many cannons being shot!

Oh the Boxes

As if getting engaged isn’t awesome enough news, we also bought a house this year.  We have been saving for a while and discovered that we had enough for a down payment. Then we accidentally found the perfect house. We have been delightfully settling in since September. Including projects that will start showing up here soon (I hope!).

We ended the year in a flurry of celebrations with friends and family. We hope your year was just as awesome and wish you the best in 2014.



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