Sunday Sneak Peek

I’m considering making this Sunday post a bit of a game. I think I’ll post the supplies used to create my newest masterpieces and let you guess what the end result will be. I’ll give gold stars to those who figure it out. Though, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have a bit of an advantage since I often post photos of my recent projects there as well. I’ll start this week with one of my projects.

A sort of tutorial will start off the week. This project may not be possible without a Silhouette. It also happens to be for my classroom and was inspired by an Independence Day project.

I never turn down an opportunity to make a cake. I used the latest opportunity to test out an amazing yellow cake. I would eat this cake without frosting! The frosting isn’t bad either.

I’m not always a fan of knit, they stretch and lose shape during the day. This dress may have converted me. I only wish I had bought more of this fabric.


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