Summer Tops

I love strappy summer tops that are light and airy. The kind that flow with the breeze. They don’t restrict movement or feel binding. In fact, they really don’t feel there at all, but you know they are because people aren’t staring at you any more than usual. This top has the potential to be just that.

It’s not in the design, I think it’s my fabric choice. It feels stiff as if someone over-starched it when ironing.  Maybe it just needs a few more times through the wash. Like maybe 50! I’ll choose a better fabric next time. This fabric is rather adorable though. I do feel great in the top. Maybe I’ll just increase the size a tiny little bit.

I admit to copying another seamstress by making this dress a top. I thought the idea brilliant and her top looked really comfortable. Much like my well-worn tops in my closet. I picked up the pattern in a 99 cent sale. The only way to buy most patterns. Decided on some fabric. I even got so far as cutting it out. Then it got stuffed away, to sit until I had time again to sew.

The top isn’t difficult to make, but it is time-consuming. Though buying bias tape rather than using the pattern pieces would cut down on some time. I also highly recommend using a zipper that is the proper length. I used a much shorter zip and I have to wiggle a bit to get it on.

I took the time to add loads of top-stitching. The way some of the bias tape is attached leaves the opportunity for it to stand up rather than lie flat.

I will be making more versions of this top. Though I plan to add a little wiggle room by increasing the size a bit. I will also be using a longer zipper. I think it will also be a bit shorter. This one is almost long enough to be a dress. Maybe with tights.

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