Sweet Bread Cake Pops

I would love to say that everything I bake turns out amazingly. Sadly, it does not. When projects don’t go as planned, I often learn a lesson and find another way to use the results. My most recent adventure with yeast bread, was such an adventure.

I started making Portuguese Sweet Bread and then found out we had to go somewhere. I thought I had remembered that you can mix the dough and then refrigerate the dough, thus stunting the growth process. Then upon removal as the dough warms up, the yeast will wake up and begin doing its thing. Apparently, I was wrong. At least in this case, further study will need to be done.


Due to this misunderstanding, the result was a very small, dense loaf of bread instead of a soft, sweet, round pillow loaf. The boule (a ball) was about one third the size it should have been. You can’t tell very well from the photos, and I didn’t take comparison photos when I made the same bread a few days later. We did taste-test the loaf. The taste was wonderful, but it was so dense it was like eating a brick. I didn’t think anything could save it.

Then inspiration hit! What if I tried to make cake balls? I knew we would not eat this bread and I didn’t want to just throw it away. I figured the cost of a tub of frosting and some almond bark (which I already had) would be worth the test.


I used Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations. I mixed the base with the Orange Creme flavour since my bread already had an orange flavour to it. After mixing the flavour in the tub of frosting, I got to work on making my cake balls.


First, I cubed the loaves of bread to make it easier to crumble. Then using my hands, I crumbled the bread into small pieces.

Second, I mixed in the frosting. I mixed and mixed until all of the crumbs were moist and coated with frosting. I started by using a spoon and eventually used my hands to make certain everything mixed together properly.

Third, using a melon baller. I have a fancy pampered chef scoop that I love using for such things. I scooped out tiny little balls and lined them on a baking sheet. They then went into the freezer for a couple hours.

Finally, I melted the almond bark. I only did a few squares at a time so I wouldn’t overcook the bark. And I didn’t want to melt more than I would use. I tried a couple different ways to dip the balls. I tried using a stick, but they fell right off. I ended up using a fork and very carefully rolling it in the melted almond bark so I didn’t disfigure the balls. When all the bread balls had been coated, they went into the fridge to harden.

I was very impressed with how they turned out. If I hadn’t known they were made from a failed loaf of bread, I wouldn’t have known the difference. I quickly gave them away though, so I wouldn’t eat all 60 of them myself!

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