Camera Pyjamas

When I bought the camera fabric, my intention was to purchase 1 yard. However as it always seems to happen when I purchase fabric, there was a piece already cut that was around one and a half yards. I said I would take the extra. I am starting to think they see me coming!

After sewing up my awesome pillows, I had a bit of fabric left and decided to make pyjamas for myself. I thought about making some for my fiance, but there wasn’t enough left for pants. There wasn’t even quite enough for shorts. Thankfully, I have a rather large supply of fabric on hand and was able to piece some together.

I relied on my copy of One-Yard Wonders. This is an entire book filled with projects that only require one yard of fabric. I have also found that you can piece together remnants of finished projects together to make many of the projects as well. I used the patterns for Summer Nightie and Perfect-Fit Sleep Shorts.

To make the shorts pattern work, I sewed together my camera fabric to a piece of coordinating grey fabric. I pressed the seam flat. When I cut out the pieces, I made certain the seam was lined up so when I sewed the shorts together, the seams would match at the sides.

Using the One-Yard Wonders book, you first create your own pattern using your measurements. I usually round-up my fractions to give myself just a little more wiggle room. I also used a pair of flannel pants to help me decide on my inseam measurement.  Otherwise, the book’s instructions were easy to follow. To complete my shorts, I added a row of buttons to the front.

The top has a little less camera fabric than I had hoped. I was only able to cut out the top pieces using the camera fabric. The body of the top I used the coordinating grey fabric. With the exception of figuring out the band in the middle for the elastic, the top was really simple to make. There is a pattern piece provided for the triangle top pieces, then you cut two trapezoid shapes for the body of the top. I used bias tape to finish the edges of the top and create the straps.

I will be making these again. I have been wearing these to bed all week. They are really comfortable. The shorts pattern will stay the same. For the top, I think I will use the extra wide bias tape so I can have larger straps, or make my own straps. I think I will also line the top triangles. The single layer of fabric is a bit thin.


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