Antique Camera Throw Pillows

I really like pillows! Maybe a bit too much. I would willingly trade in my mattress for a mountain of pillows. I sometimes do when my fiance is out-of-town. I’ll pile the pillows all around and curl up with the duvet.

I also like making pillows. It’s amazing we don’t have pillows knee-deep in our house! Admittedly, the amount of pillows in our house has multiplied exponentially since I moved in. And now we have three more pillows in our living room. They are technically decor for our new house (when we finally buy one!), but I found this fabric and didn’t want to wait to use it.

I knew these couldn’t be your basic square pillows with no extra details. I could have made 3 or four 16 inch pillows in no time flat. Probably 20 minutes. But noooooo! I had to add my own twist. To the project, I added black and oatmeal duck cloth (a canvas), home decor twisted cording, and  a package of bias tape piping. And a tracing of a Twin Lens Reflex Camera.

The first pillow was the most basic. I started with a 12 inch square of the camera fabric. I then added a two-inch border of the black canvas. Followed by a second border of the oatmeal canvas. I could have saved myself some time by not making mitered corners, but that’s how the pillow looked in my mind. I highly recommend doing a Google search rather than making it up as you go as I did. Your corners may turn out a bit better than mine did!

It’s a toss-up between the next two pillows over which is my favourite. It may just have to remain a tie. To start the second pillow, I cut out squares containing images of each of the cameras on the fabric.

To make certain I had enough coverage, I laid the squares out on my cutting mat. I kept cutting squares until I had a 16×16 square. I did end up having to cut a few long strips with no pictures to help fill space created by odd-shaped pieces. As I sewed each camera square together, I included a piece of black piping to add separation between each piece. To complete the front, I added a 2 inch black border before backing the pillow in black.

I think I am most proud of the final pillow. This one took a few hours of internet searching to find the right twin-lens reflex camera to create an applique from. (I may have to create a pattern to make available.) I wish I had documented this process a little better with photos. I began by cutting out and tracing my pattern onto the back of the camera fabric. I did this because I couldn’t find a good way to transfer the pattern to the front of the black fabric.

Once the tracing was complete, I put the black fabric wrong side to the right side of the camera fabric and began to stitch along the traced lines. I really should practice using my free motion foot more often. To complete this pillow, I used the twisted cording to edge the pillow. I highly recommend pinning and basting this down before sewing all layers together. This pillow is backed with the camera fabric.

Now that these are finished, I think I need to update the older pillows in the house. This time I’ll remember to take step-by-step photos to make tutorials.


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