Favourite Summer Sundress

Everyone has one. Even if you aren’t ready to admit it, yet. You’ve had it forever. Every time you fabric shop, you have it in mind. You know just by looking at the bolt of fabric if there is enough to make it. You even know how much you can short yourself and still have it work out. It is your favourite dress pattern. It might be a sundress (like mine). Or a shirt dress. Maybe it’s a shift dress. Maybe you have a basic pattern that you alter with different skirts or different bodices. Whatever pattern it is, it’s always there ready for you to assist when you find yet another perfect fabric.

My favourite dress pattern is a simple sun dress. McCall’s 8786 to be exact. It’s three pieces (5 if you count the facing, which I don’t). Or four if I want a seam down the front. Usually, I don’t. I currently have three versions hanging in my closet. I should have a dozen since it’s super simple to make. It’s light and airy. It’s playful enough to wear on a picnic, but can also dress up for a day at the office particularly when made from linen-look fabric.

Beyond the simplicity of making the dress, what really won me over is the fit. It’s an a-line dress. It is quite literally a triangle. It does feature front darts. There is also a bit of a curve through the waist into the hips, just enough to give you some shape, but not nearly enough to feel any constriction. The shape of the dress does amazing things for those of us with a pear shape.

The neckline is also fun. A little unusual for an adult dress even. It is very similar to a pillow case dress for girls. The neckline sits a bit higher in the front. The straps thread through a casing made with the back of the dress and then tie. I usually only tie a knot rather than a bow.

This version is the first long one I’ve made. I love it! I think I may make a couple more. The fabric is a woven linen-look cotton with pink stripes on a cream background. The fabric is maybe a bit heavier that I would have liked. It’s a bit warm to wear, though if I am in air conditioning all day, it will be perfect.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have been pondering making these dresses to sell. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Favourite Summer Sundress

  1. Jude

    I _love_ it and can picture you in it! :-)

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