Embroidery Stitches

I’m finding myself once again unable just sit and watch television. I find myself reaching for my phone or the laptop. My hands just don’t like to sit still at the moment. I’m not complaining, in fact, I rather enjoy it. To me, this means my brain is happy, content, even. I think this is a good thing.

I made this discovery just after coming across a post on Imagine Gnats about her new embroidery patterns of sewing sayings. I added them to my favourites list on Etsy (link to patterns) and let them sit for a few days. I just couldn’t stop thinking about those lovely little patterns. My fingers started twitching to get some stitching going. I started to imagine what fabrics I would use. Then I just dove in. I purchased the patterns, dug out my embroidery shoe box (I have a very simple storage system), selected fabric from my giant stash, started a movie, and got to stitching. All in about 10 minutes time. I even made my fiance pause his video game to print the patterns!

It’s been since high school since I’ve spent any major time embroidering; then I preferred counted cross-stitch. I liked the specific instructions. This time around, I am enjoying the flexibility of embroidery. I can use nearly any type of fabric. In this case, I even chose my own colours.

The pattern comes as a 13 page PDF file. I only printed the few pages with the patterns on them. I just kept my computer handy for reference when stitching. The first few pages of the file are instructions for getting started, an introduction to a few stitches, and suggestions for fabrics and thread colors. She also includes a page with suggested stitches and where to use them on your patterns. If you aren’t inclined to stitch up your own set, also included are pages with colored versions that you can print and frame. If you are a very beginner to embroidery, these are simple patterns to begin with, but you may need to find a better source for specific directions on how to make certain stitches.

When beginning this project, I wanted to use materials I already had on hand. The solid pink is a lightweight linen look fabric. The pink and white stripes is a mid-weight linen (you will be seeing more of this fabric on Friday), and the green is a very light cotton. I stuck with 4 colors DMC # 841, 335, 601, and 676. The only item I had to purchase were the hoops I framed them in when complete. I’m still thinking about spray painting the hoops to match the Washi frames, or maybe the same green as the fabric.

My plan had been to keep the project on hand for when we watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation after dinner. However, I was so excited about these patterns, that I stitched them all up in a few days! Now, I’ve got to find more patterns.

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