Sunday Sneak Peek

I have had a busy week around my house. My brain (and probably soul) is loving the time I am giving it over to being creative. If this week is any indication to what they rest of my summer is going to be, I may put a really good dent into my fabric stash! Trust me, that is a very good thing. This will also mean I have plenty of content to keep my post coming well into the school year.

To help remind myself that I need to take more photos of what I am doing. And as a way to organise my posts, I’m testing out Sunday Sneak Peak. My original thought had been to show you what I plan on working on during the upcoming week, but then you wouldn’t see the results for some time depending on how many projects are queued up in front of it. So I’ve settled on showing you a little glimpse of what I’ll be posting throughout the week.

This week, I’ll be talking about: embroidery, sugar-free baking, and a new dress!

I’ve dug out my embroidery supplies! What inspired me to do so?

I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners, but sometimes there is a really good reason.

I’ve made another dress! I love this fabric and the pattern!


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