Framed Washi Tape

Washi Tape Storage

Way back in March, just before the end-of-the-school year craziness began, I participated in a crafty package pal swap. It is a yearly event hosted by Stars & Sunshine and a few other blogging ladies. The premise is simple, you sign up, they pair you with another crafter, then the rest is up to you. You should spend some time getting to know your pal by emailing, checking out their blog, etc. Then at the end of the month, you send them a package with a surprise you think they will enjoy.

This is a great activity, but I wasn’t a very good pal this round. I didn’t contact my pal until she emailed me and even then it took a few days. With a few emails and a little blog stalking, I discovered her love for Washi Tape (really, who doesn’t love Washi?).

My bolt of inspiration came when I stumbled across a marvelous tutorial on how to organise baker’s twine by Damask Love. I thought, with a few adjustments, it would also be a good way to store Washi Tape.








After making my shopping list, I grabbed my backpack and hopped on my motorcycle to Michael’s craft store for supplies. I was delighted to discover that they had a smaller frame available  for two reasons. First, the smaller frame would be suitable for the Washi tape. Second, the larger frame wouldn’t fit in my backpack! I made a second stop at Lowe’s for dowel rods and cup hooks.

My final supply list included:

  • 4 Laser cut frames from Michael’s
  • 3/4″ brass plated cup hooks (4 packages)
  • Square Dowels
  • 1/2″ circular dowels
  • small nails
  • pink spray paint and sealer

To begin, I sanded the edges of the frames just a bit. Then I attached the square dowels to the back of the frame. I was a little confused about this part, but then realised it is to keep the frame away from the wall to make space for the rolls of tape.

I first spray painted a white base coat on the frames. This is the color I left my package pal’s frames so she could paint them a different color later. Then I painted my frames bright pink! This took a few coats to get the color just right. Finally, I sprayed a clear coat sealer.

To attach the cup hooks, I first measured where to put the hooks. Then I drilled starter holes with our tiny hand powered drill. I’m a bit scared to use the electric drill and I didn’t want to mess up the frames. By hand, I screwed in the cup hooks and made sure they were all facing the same way.

Finally, I had my boyfriend cut the dowel rods into 6 inch long pieces. I slid them through the cup hooks. I then hung them in my crafting room with thumbtacks and ribbon.

Now that I have my Washi tape on display, that means I’ll remember to use it! As an aside, all of my Washi tape has come from Pick Your Plum. If you don’t already know about this site, you should check it out!


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3 responses to “Framed Washi Tape

  1. I should totally do that with all my ribbon!!!!!

  2. This is a great idea! My washi tape is starting to grow fast! I better get it contained sooner rather then later!

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