Resolution Report

It’s the beginning of February, around the time New Year’s Resolutions begin to fall by they wayside. We don’t intend to abandon them, it happens slowly. We skip a day here. We put it off until tomorrow. We get busy with what was already routine. In many cases, we just bit off more than we could chew. Maybe we need to slow down and pick just one resolution to focus on in February. Or maybe, you are rocking those resolutions! You’ve got it handled. You’ve made it those 30 days and now they are new habits. I applaud you and am a little bit jealous.

For the most part, I am happy with the progress I have made on my goals for the year. (You can check up on my progress under my goals tab.) I only missed one week with a new recipe. Oooh! That was a week at school! It took 12 hours of sleep Friday night to recover! I’m a little better now. I plan on making two new recipes this week to make up for it. I’m thankful I have loads of recipes saved everywhere that I can quickly choose from or I’d be scrambling on this resolution.

I am disappointed in my lack of use of baking soda, baking powder, and yeast. I need to find more people to bake for. I just volunteered to make something for a bake fair. Anyone else need stuff for a bake fair? Or a birthday cake (it may not be as awesome as this one, but it will be wonderful)? Maybe you just want homemade cookies. Just let me know!

As for the yeast, I decided that before I continue baking bread, I needed to finish reading the beginning of my new book. It is very insightful. I believe it will help me improve the quality of my bread. Not that the last loaves were bad (maybe a little short). They were quite good, I feel as if I skipped steps in the learning process. Like jumping in and making a full suit before knowing how to sew a straight line. The basics are important. I’m loving what I am learning and kind of hoping the author decides to offer a class near me.

Does this guy not look a little like Darth Vader? I highly recommend checking this one out on Flickr When you look at the largest photo, you can see the individual lights from its core.

I’ve even managed to complete not one, but two sewing projects. They were both fairly simple projects, neither took much over an hour. However, both resulted in two items for a total of 4. And that’s an hour more of sewing I had done since September. I decided not to count the battery bandoliers I made for a customer order. Am I short-changing myself on that?

Ever wonder what your face looks like when you are taking photos? I still do!

Finally, we are being delightful tourists of our local area. If I ever get my behind in motion to prepare weekend posts, you might start seeing what we’ve done. For now, you’ll just have to settle for the list on my goals page and these wonderful photos I took of the jellyfish at the Florida Aquarium a few weeks ago. I love the jelly fish tank, the lights change colors.

Sitting Pretty!


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2 responses to “Resolution Report

  1. I’m so happy that you’re exploring the world of yeast breads! I’ve found that getting a feel for what the dough should be is a huge part if having a successful final product. That amc making sure the place you set it to rise is warm enough! I wish I lived nearer so you could unload some of your goodies onto me :)

    • Maybe I can mail you some. I tried baking with yeast in South Dakota, but the temperature was never right. Florida is kinda a natural at keeping the right temperature/humidity balance.

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