A Little Greener

I highly doubt that we will ever win a medal for being the greenest family on the block. We do a few things here and there, but we could very easily do a little more. The little bits we do help us feel environmentally contentious, which does lead to more green decisions. Our most recent green commitment came with an excuse to make those fabric coffee sleeves I’ve been seeing everywhere.

I have been a fan of reusable cups/mugs for quite some time. I always made certain do give customers their discount when ringing them up when I worked in a cafe. I, however, never bought my own. I just couldn’t fathom paying so much for a cup or mug. Before you say, check the dollar store, I did. They always looked super cheap and about ready to fall apart. I’m not a fan of hot anything on my lap. Particularly on the way to work!

Then this marvelous thing happened, where a big name coffee chain (you all know who I mean) began selling $1.00 reusable cups. I can handle one dollar. I even check out the construction. Much better than anything I’d seen at the dollar store. They even have the added bonus of feeling as if you are drinking from a plastic lid and paper cup. I like that feeling. I’m always afraid that I’ll get a big Sploosh! of hot tea in my face from some of those travel mugs out there. No worries about that with my new cup, it looks just like the disposable one, only I get to use it over and over and over! Not that we frequent cafes all that often. Mostly at Christmas.

The drawback to this new wonder cup is the lack of insulation. I could just grab a paper sleeve and be done with it, but that seems a little ironic (I’m fairly certain I am using that term correctly) to be using a green cup only to throw away a paper sleeve (even if it is made from recycled paper). I decided to use a little part of my day off to stitch up a couple of sleeves to protect our hands while carrying around our drinks.

There are a million tutorials about how to make these fabric coffee sleeves. I suggest doing a google image search to find the one that suits your fancy and follow that tutorial. I settled on using this tutorial by Skip to my Lou. It’s a blog I follow and her tutorials are quite good. For the most part, I copied the tutorial exactly. The couple changes I made this time are minimal. First, I used heat-resistant batting. I don’t recall which brand I had on hand. Since I stitched my sleeve second, I used a slightly smaller seam allowance to make my sleeve a bit wider.

The sleeves turned out awesome as you can see from the photos. My boyfriend loves his flannel bug covered sleeve with canvas lining! I’m mostly happy with mine for which I used quilting cotton with corduroy lining. I wanted it to overlap a bit more and be a little wider. For now, I’m going to show off my current sleeve; I’ve got other projects to tackle!


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