The Up-Side-Down House

They even decorated for Christmas!

Near one of the movie theaters we occasionally visit to watch movies (usually midnight releases because it has a huge IMAX theater  is this building that looks like an up-side-down house. Every time we drive by it, I get all curious about what could possibly be going on in an up-side-down house. Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore. We had to visit. A few days after Christmas, we ventured out into the masses of holiday goers to explore the up-side-down house. The official name of the up-side-down house is Wonder Works. It is a chain of attractions that combine science and fun into interactive exhibits. Don’t believe me. Check out their website and our photos!

Mirror, Mirror  Ow, ow, ow! What's out there? It's amazing!  Grrr!  Piece of Cake!  Bubbles!  It's eating me alive!  Falling Up  Twinkle Toes  Vase or Faces?  Freeze!  Ropes Course  Earthquake!  Oh No!  I am the great and powerful...

We finished the day with dinner at Johnny Rockets where I was introduced to Chocolate Coke. Not sure if I’m a fan. I’ll have to try it again sometime!

We took these photos using the iPhone app: Disposable Hipstamatic Using D-Fault and El Mario (yep, we used two cameras)

While searching for a link to this app, I discovered it is no longer available. Which is unfortunate because I rather like having to take 24 photos before getting to see the results.

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