EggNog French Toast

In the event you did exactly the same thing I did and bought way too much eggnog, I thought I would share this breakfast discovery. We bought a small bottle and consumed it shortly after Thanksgiving. We bought another half-gallon thinking we would share with those coming over to celebrate Christmas with us. It sat in the fridge. Unopened. Waiting. Hoping. Wishing for someone to drink it. Alas, no one did.

Inspired by the ability to sleep late and have a leisurely breakfast at any time of the day, I decided to whip up some French Toast using eggnog rather than milk. I cracked open a few eggs and poured in the eggnog. It seemed a bit thick, so I did add some milk. For the second go, I decided to add a bit of vanilla. That made just the right difference!


In my experience, French toast is made best by feel. I’ve never used a recipe, just add ingredients until it looks right. That said, here is what I used:

Bread: We’ve started buying half loaves from the bakery otherwise it goes moldy. 

Eggs: I usually use one for every 2 pieces of toast I’m making.

Eggnog: I think I used about a cup.

Milk: Just a splash to thin it out.

Vanilla: I use a capfull, probably about ¼ – ½ teaspoon

Mix together eggs, milk, eggnog, and vanilla. Heat pan on stove at medium heat. When warm, melt butter in pan (I found that even with non-stick this needed a little help not sticking). Coat bread in egg/milk mixture. Place bread in pan. Let fry for a bit, then flip to cook other side. Serve immediately.

Use up your extra eggnog and try this French Toast.



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