Summer Reading

My summer reading list went from fun and frivolous to serious in one giant leap! I realise that most read books that are light and fun in the summer. At least that is what advertisement lead me to believe, I’ve never actually check with real people about this. I find it easier to read the big, heavy tomes in the summer when my brain has less to worry about. I save up the chick lit and such for the school year when my brain needs a break from lesson writing and grading papers.

I don’t often read memoirs, or non-fiction of any kind. I read enough of that for work. When I am reading for fun, I much prefer fiction. However, I neglected to read the back of this book and picked it up solely because of the title.  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir of her upbringing. Had I not known this was non-fiction, I would not have believed it after reading the book.

From the very beginning, Jeannette draws you into her world. She wove the web of her life into a wonderful story, capturing the essence of living life to its fullest possible enjoyment. I found myself wondering what my one thing would be as my family planned the skedaddle. As she grew older, she began to realise this wasn’t a normal way of life. Jeanette does her best to keep faith in her father’s dreams, but as she matures, the reality of their way of life sinks in. As this happens, we watch her mature and begin to fight against the pull to stay in this lifestyle. With careful planning, she and siblings work hard to take control of their own lives.

I’m glad I took this little journey into non-fiction. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend reading it. The story opened my eyes to how some of my students may be experiencing life.


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