Furniture Building

Projects with my boyfriend usually go in this manner. He comes up with an idea. We talk it over, share a few ideas, then think about it. I then figure out how to make it happen. We take our time tracking down the supplies. Finally, we make it happen. We have done this many times in our three years together.

This project has been the longest and largest project to date. It has been over a year since this project began with the suggestion that we needed a bench at the end of our very large king sized bed. We started shopping around, not really finding exactly what both of us liked and wanted. This is another problem we run into. We agree on many things, but not always when it comes to decorating.

One Sunday we enjoyed Sunday dinner with MiCTLaN’s mom and step-dad and we noticed what looked to be the perfect base to our bench. It was being used as a bookshelf, but was otherwise the perfect length. We inquired about getting another one. Conveniently, his step-dad works at a furniture warehouse. He was able to save another box for us to use, as well as a foam cushion and legs.

It was up to us to find the perfect fabric. We kind of agreed on making it red. That’s as far as we made it for about 9 months. Any time I visited a new fabric shop (or even my regular shops), I would check out the options, picking up little samples of the possibilities. Last Christmas we had almost agreed on a fabric. We both liked it, but it didn’t fit the personality we wanted.

Just last week, I was inspired to try finding the perfect fabric once again (spurred by trying to complete as many projects as possible this summer and a sale!). I stumbled across it in the third stop of the day. I spotted it, checked it out, then moved on to another fabric. I came back to look again. Then proceeded to look around some more. After taking my third look at the fabric, I knew it was the one we were looking for. I even bought it without waiting for confirmation from my boyfriend.

There will be further tellings of how we made this marvelous bench. I am still working on editing the pile of photos we took showing our progress.


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