Fresh From our Garden

This week has not been cooperating with me. My routine has been all messed up. My Monday behaved like Thursday. Wednesday tiptoed around being Tuesday. Tuesday really wanted to be Thursday. I think Thursday wanted to be Friday. So I’ve decided that Friday is going to be my Wednesday. This means I am heading to the beach. Unless it rains, again.

To add to the confused week, instead of sharing a sewing project (I’ve many to show you, I just haven’t edited photos and typed up stories. I’m blaming the jumbled week.), I have photos of our home-grown produce.

My boyfriend, has been very diligent about watering the garden every morning. I think because of this, he’s also been very good about taking photos of each of our mini harvests. Really, I think he’s got a bit of a competition going with an internet friend that keeps the photos coming.

My point? Oh, yes. These lovely photos of all these delicious looking vegetables were taken by my boyfriend. He’s very good at taking photos. I don’t know that I’ve told you all very much about my wonderful boyfriend. Here is a little introduction. His internet name is MiCTLaN (sometimes with a 74 tacked on the end). He likes to take photos as a hobby.

That is a very tiny (think pinkie nail sized) frog on a large quarter. If you want to check out more of my boyfriend’s photos, you can check them out here.  There are a few that may not be appropriate for children.


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2 responses to “Fresh From our Garden

  1. I love the tiny little frog… So awesome your boyfriend was able to get such a great shot of him… I wish my little garden would produce tomatoes like that. Gorgeous! I have nominated you for the Very inspiring and One lovely blog award and thought you may want to check it out… Have a great day…

    • Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate it!

      I wasn’t certain he’d get the frog photo. He was one hopping little dude. As for the tomatoes, we’ve been growing them since mid-March, so give your plants another couple months.

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