Aquamarine Lace

This project is going to take a lot of time and a bit of patience. I’ve never sewn with lace before. The few stitches I did the other day as a test were a challenge. I’ll get to that later. Today, I am showing off the first step to a hopefully awesome new skirt.

Project Run and Play

This skirt is inspired by a Project Run and Play entry from just over a year ago. A tutorial was then added. The project involved dyeing lace, sewing the strips together and making a dress. The dress turned out quite lovely.

Since seeing the tutorial, I have been on the lookout for inexpensive lace. With no luck. Lace is expensive. Even lace trim, which would be ideally what I would like to use. Then one day, I was given a box of fabric (I’ll tell that story in a few days). In the box, I discovered a collection of lace strips.

It’s not the many different lace trims I was hoping to collect. I’ve only got a couple different patterns. I have been mulling a few ideas in my head over the last few days and I think having only a couple of patterns will add nicely to the design in my head. I’m nearly ready to put it to paper and get this project moving.

As for they dyeing of the lace, I went to the shop intending to pick up pink RIT dye. I love pink! I was standing in the aisle debating between light pink and fuchsia, when this wonderful blue caught my eye. The bottle says it’s a new color. I just knew it was the right color for my project! Aquamarine will be the color of this skirt.



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3 responses to “Aquamarine Lace

  1. I am so jealous! I’ve been wanting to do this exact thing, but haven’t had the time. Looks like a ton of fun =D

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